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We are all about the joy of food, and we are ready to teach YOU how to enjoy your lifestyle change while including ALL the food groups God created for our bodies. There are SO many ways to lose weight, but where is the sensible doable approach to losing weight with a busy life and family? We’ve heard from so many women have breathed secret, desperate prayers to God, asking for answers to finally get their health and weight under control. They want to honor the bodies God gave them, they are just not sure how and are so confused by all the conflicting information out there.

Join the millions of women who have learned to trim down the Trim Healthy Way… a Biblically based plan that you can finally do for life!

We want to offer you our book “Trim Healthy Table”, which teaches you the principles of this way of eating in one easy chapter and has 300 easy and scrumptious (husband and kid approved) recipes. Plus you’ll receive 6 Months membership to our site, chalked full of resources like videos, menus, grocery lists, support chat groups, recipes, and information on how to sustain this lifestyle.

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