Trim Healthy Bar – Chocolate Brownie Fix 1.8 oz (6-pack)

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Get ready to take a chomp into a protein bar like no other. It is simple and sound. It is lean and mean. It has 21 grams of perfectly balanced amino acids, only 3 net carbs and just a little bit of fat in the form of metabolism revving MCT oil.

Due to purity of ingredients and lack of preservatives your Trim Healthy Brownie Bars are fine to keep at room temperature for a few days but after that, cold storage is necessary.

Please note: The date on your bars is not an expiration date, but a “best if chilled or consumed by” date.

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If you wish to add ice, we recommend 1 ice pack per pound of chocolate chips, or up to 16 bars. The quantity of ice packs can be adjusted in the cart. Don’t forget to click the “update cart” button after adjusting quantities.
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Product Description

Get ready to take a chomp into a protein bar like no other. No, that is not a sales gimmick line…we mean it! This bar took years to get into your hands. It came together beautifully and easily one day in our kitchen. All we wanted to do was get it to you, our Trim Healthy Mamas, but all the bar manufacturers said… “No.” This sort of bar just couldn’t work…. were we crazy? We’re not much for believing anything is impossible so we built our own healthy bar factory and now you have your bar!

With all the thousands of protein bars ever created, this one you unwrap in your hands and it stares back at you PROUD, UNIQUE and CLEAN. It is simple and sound. It is lean and mean. It has 21 grams of perfectly balanced amino acids, only 3 net carbs (mainly from the cocoa) and just a little bit of fat in the form of metabolism revving MCT oil.

Here’s the best part… it has no cheap fillers to help us make a buck. That means no sugar or high glycemic syrups or sugar, no gas forming inulin to raise profit margins, no trendy fake fibers that can mess with your blood sugar such as Isomalto-oligosaccharides or other so called pre-biotic fibers, no cheap, denatured protein powders, no dried fruit pastes to put weight on your belly, no artificial preservatives and no additional nonsense. Due to the clean ingredients and lack of preservatives, please keep your Trim Healthy bars in your fridge when storing longer than just a few days. 

The Trim Healthy Bar powerfully slays the snacking monster! Its chewy, almost taffy candy like texture makes it last longer in your mouth. Ever had bar experiences that are… “2 bites… 2 seconds… empty wrapper?”

Yup, we know what that feels like… you’re still hungry! Enjoying this bar is more like a lingering past time. It is so much more than just a few moments of chocolatey pleasure… It takes its good time to finish and leaves you without urges to munch on everything else in sight.

Though it’s best to store your bars long-term in the fridge, they’ll easily stand up to a few days in your purse if you want to throw a couple in there for when you are out and about. Enjoy a whole bar for an afternoon snack or a third to half of it for dessert. They will harden up in the fridge (we love them that way and cut off little pieces for dessert after meals) but if you want them softer you need to let them sit out of the fridge for about 20 minutes.

Ingredients: Collagen Peptides, Whey (Milk) Protein Isolate, Non GMO Erythritol, Aloe Vera Gel, 100% Roasted Peanut Powder, Natural Cocoa Powder, MCT Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Stevia Extract powder, Liquid Peanut Extract, Liquid Chocolate Extract

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, wheat, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and coconut.

Contains: Milk and Peanuts

*Please note that from time to time packaging may vary. Refer back to this page for the most current Nutritional Facts. As is, this product is an FP per serving. Adding additional ingredients may change the fuel of your prepared treats.


Can the bar be a meal replacement?

Yes, these bars can either be a snack, a very light meal or a dessert. If using as a quick breakfast or on the go little meal, keep in mind these are a Fuel Pull (FP) bar meaning they have very little carbs or fats in them and are low calorie. For the health of your metabolism, you don’t want constant low calorie meals so keep juggling your fuels and your calories by also having lots of S and E meals. Don’t rely on these for most of your meals but they can be incredibly helpful for when you need them! Adding a Trimmaccino coffee or tea made with coconut oil can help round your meal out. These bars make fantastic mid morning or afternoon snacks too! As a dessert, they are wonderful straight from the fridge where they harden up. You really only need a third to half a bar for your dessert as you don’t need a high protein dessert after an already protein rich meal before hand. That would be overdoing protein and Trim Healthy Mama is a beautifully balanced protein approach. We love to cut 1/3 – 1/2 of a bar into little pieces and enjoy as a dessert… tastes like you’re eating tootsie rolls!

What is the texture like?

These bars are more chewy than cakey, they have an almost taffy like consistency. They take a good while to eat so you get more satisfaction from your snack or meal and feel fuller afterward.

Is it ok to microwave the bars to soften them up?

Yes, but only if you follow these three Rules:

1- NEVER TELL SERENE about your personal choice to heat up our superfood bars! ha!

2 – Only nuke for 15 seconds or so… the longer you nuke, the more nutrients you will lose. 20 seconds max. Heating will soften the bar somewhat though and will make it quicker to eat. That’s fine if you don’t have the time it takes to eat the bar in it’s original form or if you prefer a softer texture. Just keep in mind we designed this bar to be the opposite of a two chomp and you’re done type of snack. It is purposefully chewy and the time it takes to eat causes a sustained feeling in your mind and belly. It fills you up more and doesn’t leave you hungry.

3 – If you’re determined to nuke – use it as now and then way of eating the bar, rather than a constant. Collagen is okay to be heated however there are certain undenatured healing proteins in the CFM whey that can be destroyed with heat. Of course, we do bake with our whey protein sometimes and even blend it into hot drinks, so the bar will still be an incredibly healthy snack but it may lose just a little of its health giving powers.

Will there be stevia free bars coming soon?

We’ll try to have a stevia free bar at some point in future, using monk fruit instead.

Will there ever be an erythritol free bar for those who can’t do any sugar alcohols?

We’re thinking about doing that. It would be more like a Yuck Yum flavor. Ever tried Serene’s Yuck Yum smoothie from our Trim Healthy Table cookbook, or Pearl’s Counterfeit Yuck Yum Bitty? It is addicting but only slightly sweet. We won’t be able to get a non erythritol bar quite as sweet as the others using only stevia or monk fruit extract. Having said that, many testers of our bar that have super sensitive tummies and have to avoid overdoing xylitol etc felt like our bar didn’t affect them negatively at all in this area….no stomach cramping or bloating!

Will there be dairy free bars in future?

We’ll try to give you that too. The only dairy currently used in this bar is the THM whey protein which many people who need to be dairy free can use. It is completely lactose free and almost 100% casein free.

Can you talk about the price?

We have tried incredibly hard to be competitive with pricing. It is important to remember our bars do not have fillers so the ingredients cost us far more than other bars. Pure, quality and yes… expensive ingredients are the big difference between the Trim Healthy bar and all others. This is why we’ve had to build our own bar factory to even get these made as all other bar factories only make bars with fillers. We don’t know of even one other low carb bar that doesn’t have fillers or what we call “fake fibers” think soluble corn fiber, Isomalto-Oligosaccharides or things like tapioca starch or syrup (same thing usually). These are questionable on blood sugar to say the least and while manufacturers claim them to be low glycemic ingredients, there is a lot of speculation in the food science world that these so called low carb fillers can lose their low GI status once they’ve been sitting in a bar for about 11 weeks. After that they may affect blood sugar much more profoundly. These fillers are dirt cheap and so are other fillers like inulin. While that is okay on blood sugar, we didn’t want to use that either as it causes major bloating for too many people. So we’re in the bar world trying hard to compete with bars that cost far less to make. For that reason, we are not yet making our needed margins the introductory price. Our plan is that selling large quantities will make up for our lack of profit on each bar.

Customer Reviews

  1. Sherrill evans (verified owner)

    I love these

  2. Ruth Lloyd (verified owner)

    I love basically all THM products I have tried…. from pb powder to stevias and other sweeteners to MIMs to the butterfly bars. However, I finally ran into one that I just have to say No Thanks to. (We all have our tastes, so don’t take my word for it before trying them.) These are basically the same taste and texture as a pinterest recipe I used once for THM protein bars… which was a ton of protein powder and collagen mixed to a tough chewy texture. Like a diet horribly healthy tasting tootsie roll. Just sayin. I know Serene likes her healthy tootsie roll thingies in the second recipe book. But if I’m going to eat protein powder I would much rather swallow it in an iced drink that we can pretend tastes like chocolate milk. Or hiding collagen in my oatmeal where I can’t smell or taste it. I know Q—- bars have junk in them but they are a tad sweeter and more palatable. Sorry… But I still love you guys!!! 😉😂

  3. Carol Russell (verified owner)

    I decided to try these again, & whatever you did to reformulate was RIGHT!
    LOVE these! Ordering more as soon as possible! Wonderful to have a taste like Tootsie Roll, no sugar, 22 g. protein & it’s a Fuel Pull! Wow!
    Move over Baobab Bliss bars! These just became my new favorite go-to!
    Drive-Through-Sues Rejoice!!! <3

  4. jordan.allen1123 (verified owner)

    I love these. I keep them frozen and then throw one in my lunch box on my way home. They keep away my insane hunger after teaching all day!

  5. Lettie Litherland (verified owner)

    I really really really miss the original bar that was more of a Tootsie roll texture. They were wonderful, yummy and I would crave them!! Please, please, please change them back!! They also had these line markings that broke off for perfect eating!! Thank you ♥️🦋

  6. Christine Umfleet (verified owner)

    I ordered a box of these to try last year (yes I’m slow about this review). They taste great, but the last one I opened was moldy. Very disappointing! They were not out of date either. I would like to order more but for the price I don’t want to be surprised again.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We’re so sorry to hear about the moldy bars! As noted above, due to purity of ingredients and lack of preservatives your Trim Healthy Bars are fine to keep at room temperature for a few days but after that, cold storage is necessary. Please don’t hesitate to write into [email protected] if you ever have issues with products that arrive in poor condition.

  7. Ashley Gilbert (verified owner)

    I love these bars! I love how chewy they are and they totally satisfy my sweet chocolate cravings. I love that they are something I can grab and go. I keep mine in the freezer, throw them in my lunch box and they’re soft in time for my mid morning snack. Super satisfying, I can’t seem to keep them in stock in my freezer! lol

  8. Lissa (verified owner)

    I didn’t like these bars the first time I tried them but I gave them another go and the second time (after heating them in the microwave) they worked for me. Now I’m out and I realized I was sitting here craving one 🙂

  9. Peggy Brown (verified owner)

    These are perfect as a evening snack.

  10. Kim (verified owner)

    These bars just aren’t my jam. They are like a less sweet, harder tootsie roll in bar form. I have a huge sweet tooth and was hoping for something healthy to grab on the go that would satisfy it. I’m still glad I tried them, but won’t be ordering again. Still, I’m absolutely going to try the strawberry bliss bars. At any rate, these are just kind of blah to me and they sit a bit heavy in my stomach. Also, I ordered the 6 pack wtih the intent of sharing with my hubby, but I read the label when I got them and saw that there is peanut in the ingredients list. So, just make sure you are aware if you order that anyone with peanut allergies can’t eat these. I’m glad I caught that, as there’s not a big callout on the label or in the description (but there is a full ingredients list on the site and on the bar)

  11. Elizabeth Singler (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these bars. I’ve ordered them multiple times. I use them for snacks as well as for a dessert after dinner. Usually it’s just a chunk though after dinner. Sometimes when I wake up too early I will have a piece with my coffee. They are very filling and sustaining. Sometimes if I’m out and about my husband and I will split one and we can make it till the next meal without feeling any hunger. I’m so thankful for some thing that’s so good for me and satisfying in the chocolate realm!

  12. April (verified owner)

    I appreciate the clean ingredients in these bars, but the flavor is bad to me. I can taste the Aloe gel, and I can’t get past that. I love THM though and all your other products are great! ❤️

  13. Curri Seifert (verified owner)

    As a long time THM fan and user I appreciate the work put into these bars and how good they taste. I like how they take effort and time to eat…they are also suprisingly filling for an FP. Thank-you Serene and Pearl! Happy customer in Ohio

  14. Tanna

    I have tried MANY protein bars and the Chocolate Brownie Fix bar is the bomb! The chocolate chewiness is very satisfying. I can actually go without a meal for breakfast and lunch then have an S or E dinner. Then No eating after 8:00 until 11:00 or 12:00 the next day! I have lost 15 lbs since Jan. 2020❤️ Can’t wait for the Baobab/Apricot bars!! Hurry girls!😀

  15. tilaca09 (verified owner)

    These new bars are PERFECT! This chocoholic is very happy.

  16. Sabrina (verified owner)

    The new bars are amazing! Thank you

  17. Michelle

    I have to agree with a few of the other negative comments these are way to hard to chew with little or no flavor. I did microwave them and although they softened they just have no flavor like some of the other products out there. Still a huge THM fan, they have great products and great service but this particular product is not for me.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Have you tried our new reformulated bars? They are much softer, more chewy and oh so good!

  18. Lettie Litherland (verified owner)

    Love these brownie fix bars!!!! They are perfect!!! Thank you Pearl and Serene for sharing these with us!!!

  19. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Love ❤️ these quick decadent yummy treats

  20. Luz Haro (verified owner)

    Hello, please when are we getting more bars??

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are working to get the bars back in stock just as soon as possible

  21. Sabrina

    Thank you! So amazingly good and healthy. Can’t recommend these enough.

  22. christea (verified owner)

    I love these bars, but unfortunately we cannot get them when we want them. This is very disturbing. I’ve been checking back every single day. We finally got the notice today and when I tried to order them at 5:00 am EST they were already sold out! Please try to do better with keeping these in stock. Thanks a bunch!

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are working hard to make more bars available as quickly as possible. Our goal is to make small batches of just a few thousand depending upon need. So if you missed bars… check back real soon.

  23. Lori Herning (verified owner)

    These are amazing! Thank you so much for making a yummy treat that is an FP and delicious! I hope you make it a subscription item!!

  24. Sheila Danuser (verified owner)

    I love these bars – chewiness and all. They were great for my blood sugars. If you have a box hidden somewhere I’d take them ?. So ready for the new ones to be available!

  25. michellemarvian (verified owner)

    I truly love these bars. I will admit that for my taste, just a tad bit sweeter and a little bit softer, which I see the latter is in the works, would be perfect. A little square after a meal goes a long way and keeps me from wanting candy bars, cake or cookies.

  26. babycrab25.cs (verified owner)

    I love these bars, and can’t wait until they are back in stock. I love that I can have one as a snack and it takes at least 1/2 hour to eat it. I savor the taste and really enjoy taking my time to eat it while watching a program on TV. Why not keep these the same and make the new ones also. This way, we could have a choice in which one we want to order. Please consider this option. Thank you again for making a healthy and tasty treat.

  27. Julie Parker (verified owner)

    This bar is great, plus the health benefits…it really helps kick that sugar addiction, thank you!! I can’t wait til they are back in stock, I’m out ?
    I keep checking to see…any clue when they will be back in stock?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are working hard to get them back in stock as soon as possible

  28. twoapples (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these. Glad they are chewy and take longer to eat. It is perfect! I have been looking for a stevia-based excellent quality bar. I cannot wait until they are back in stock!

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We’re working to get them back in stock just as soon as possible. So glad to hear you love them!

  29. sdcaulfield65 (verified owner)

    Love love loooooove the texture of these bars….I’m so anxious about the expected texture change, that I’m hanging on tight to my last few! I’m dreading a new softer/cakier style. Any chance the chewier version can be kept as an alternative for those of us who prefer it?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      For those of you who love the hard-ish, tootsieroll-like chewiness to our current bar, the new formula will only be slightly softer so you’ll still get your satisfaction, we’re just making minor tweaks

  30. Caitlynn Connell (verified owner)

    Don’t change anything!!! So many companies try and change what was already perfect! The chewiness is amazing and forces you to focus on your food and savior it instead of gobbling through it and not feeling satisfied.

  31. Amy Andersen (verified owner)

    I bought 12 of these after all the hype, hoping they would be a great FP while traveling. I was pretty disappointed and did not enjoy how very rock hard they are and near flavorless. I’ll stick with the superfood chews recipe in the cookbook for my own FP bar.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are tweaking them to be softer but perhaps you might enjoy these after nuking them for a few seconds to soften them a bit

  32. Paula (verified owner)

    I missed the first round of bars, but was able to snag 6 last time they were available. I love them!! I LOVE the texture and taste. I love that it ‘forces’ me to slow down and savor and not gobble it up and wanting another immediately. I would LOVE a version with nuts but I have included a few almonds or walnuts while enjoying the brownie!!

  33. Jennifer Venable (verified owner)

    I love THM amd wanted to like these, but they do not live up to standards of other products. They are so chewy they hurt my teeth and the flavor is not good.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Thank you for the feedback, Jennifer! Perhaps try the microwave suggestion above if you want a softer texture!

  34. Hazel (verified owner)

    I love these. They are very chewy, and I remember Pearl ( I think) saying she cut them into squares, so that’s how I do it. Much better than using my teeth to bite a piece off. Very delicious and I have one at night while I watch tv before bed. I carry one in my purse, in case I’m tempted to get a candy bar, or just to still a hunger pang until I can get good food to eat.

  35. Emily Haymond (verified owner)

    I love these. They really are a morning or afternoon saver to tide me over til next meal or pair with something light if I have no time or energy to do anything but grab one on my way out the door but want something clean, healthy, protein rich. I actually wait for any digestive repercussions, because they taste good like dessert, but they feel completely wholesome and actually feel seem to aid digestion! They are so very welcome when I crave something sweet but want to be good to myself and nourish myself, not sugar myself up…and when I need a little something with substance to sustain energy at work or church or on a nature walk. I love to toss one in my purse, then keep it in my pocket or sit on it to warm it in the half hour or so before I’m going to eat it to warm it to my body temperature. The texture is best when they’re a little warm. I keep them in the fridge but do not like to eat them cold at all (too hard). It is also very nice that they are not messy, and I can just throw the wrappers away – so no clean-up. I can take a bite between tasks at work or while multi-tasking and then stick the rest in my pocket until the next free moment and not get a gooey mess! I seriously have looked for a protein bar (top convenience) that actually qualified as healthy, tasty, AND gave enough protein – but didn’t spoil my next meal. This is the first I’ve found!

  36. Hanna L. (verified owner)

    Almost finished with my first pack of bars and can’t wait to reorder! These bars have a perfect texture and delightful chocolate taste! I am not a huge chocolate flavor fan normally, but these bars have a delicious and authentic chocolate flavor, which I love. I let my mom try one as well and she definitely approved! I am amazed at how great the macros of this bar are, while still not sacrificing taste or texture. I’ve had many low carb, high protein bars that turned out to be flavorless, dry, and chalky. Thankfully these are nothing like that! I would recommend them for sure!

  37. Maria Petty (verified owner)

    These bars are really good! I love that they are FP. I’m looking forward to the Baobab flavor.

  38. Jennifer Maben (verified owner)

    Nearly done with my first order and have already ordered more! I’m chewing on one right now as I type this…and I do mean chewing! It takes me a bit of time to get through one and that is great because they last and are filling. They feel like they are an off plan guilty treat. My biggest joy is that they don’t stir up heartburn when I eat them like the Kirkland stevia sweetened ones did. In fact, they seem to settle and digest very nicely. I did take off one star because they are really too chocolaty for me but that won’t stop me from eating them! I look forward to having a variety of THM Protein bar flavors to choose from in the future.

  39. tilaca09 (verified owner)

    Even my picky husband loves them! This is going to be in my kids stockings instead of candy this Christmas.

  40. CindyC (verified owner)

    I just received my bars, and one bite in I knew they would be a new staple in my house! I had no doubt that these bars would be both healthy and yummy, and was blown away after my first bite! Just by smelling it, you can sense how clean and pure they are. I love knowing I’m giving my body the best of ingredients! They have the perfect balance of sweetness, and the texture is another win! I love the texture and how it sort of “melts in your mouth.” Everything abour them is PERFECT!!! Thank you so much Pearl and Serene (and the rest of the THM staff) for making deliciously healthy products I KNOW I can trust!!!

  41. Monica Thomas (verified owner)

    TOTAL winner!!! I do a lot of traveling and have resorted to other bars but his one can be savored and enjoyed instead of scarfing down! Reminds me of Tootsie Rolls from when I was a child …and sugar addict! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Only down side is only being able to order 6. 🙁 Everyone is going to be asking for the recipe soon! lol Thank you for a great creation to travel with.

  42. Lisa (verified owner)

    Wanted to love these as I bought 12, but the bars are just OK. I agree with one of the other reviews that the ends tend to be rock hard. Middle of the bar is very chewy; really stuck to my teeth.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Thank you for the feedback, Lisa! Perhaps try the microwave suggestion above if you want a softer texture! Just don’t tell Serene! 😉

  43. Lisa Hollowell (verified owner)

    These bars helped unstall my stalled weight loss! Because they are FP – and filling – I found myself sticking longer with E meals during the day. And that made a huge difference for me. Please please please get them back in stock!!! They really are life changers! And quite tasty besides. 🙂

  44. Stephanie Wallis (verified owner)

    LOVE THEM!!! They are delish!

  45. Suzanne Lavanaway (verified owner)

    I loved this bar, best by far and I have tried a lot over the years. Only one issue I have. The ends of the bars are “rock” hard right out of the wrapper. I thought it was due to the wrapper and maybe they dried out quickly. But I bought 12 bars, they lasted me about 10 days. And all the bars had same issue with ends being dry, but the rest of the bars was moist, even after 8 days. I think it must have something to do with the way they are cut before packaging. Maybe the cutting tool is heated? I don’t know, but even with a small amount of dried ends they are delicious and I would definitely by them again. Cant wait for them to be back in stock.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Thank you so much for that feedback, Suzanne! I’ll be sure to pass it on to the production team for review.

  46. Rachelle Topliff (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Pearl and Serene for these amazing bars!

  47. MrsDan (verified owner)

    It’s the perfect snack for that last 45-60 minutes after an E or an FP when you’re hungry and wanting all the food. I drank some water and had a bar while I finished homeschooling my crew and it was very satisfying.

  48. Tammy Grier (verified owner)

    Please hurry up and get these back in stock. I only have 2 bars left! 🙁 They have made me become very selfish. My husband asked for a bite and I did not share with joy in my heart.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are hoping to have them back in stock soon! These are good for the heart in more ways that one! 😉

  49. MaryAnn (verified owner)

    I really like these Trim Healthy Bars. These bars are not too sweet, good and chewy. I’m new to THM and before these bars I was eating Kirkland Protein bars from Costco and since I can’t have those anymore, I was super excited when Pearl and Serene announced this new bar. Thank you Pearl and Serene, your plan has changed my life. You’re an answer to prayer. I’m 4 months in the plan and have lost 20 lbs. patiently waiting for more bars to come available.

  50. Christine Adachi (verified owner)

    I ordered the 6-pack and was really hoping to like these as there was so much hype about there finally being a bar with good ingredients. I am normally not picky, but I didn’t like these at all. Just barely got through one. My taste buds as well as my digestive tract did not agree with these bars.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are so sad to hear that these bars didn’t agree with you. Perhaps try a small snack size serving with the microwave trick mentioned above for a softer texture.

  51. Janice Chapman (verified owner)

    These are amazing. I am usually hungry all the time and these satisfied me for a meal replacement and held me thru to my next THM meal. I am rationing them so I use only one every other day. Hope they are restocked soon.

  52. Valerie Hoffman

    I was never one to eat protein bars. But since doing THM, I really appreciate having an FP bar to use as a snack or occasional meal replacement. I love the fact that this bar is truly CLEAN. I feel good about eating it. I will use it as another tool in my THM journey. Thank you Pearl & Serene for coming up with another great product. I can’t wait til you get them back in stock!

  53. Charlene Schildwachter (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Thanks, THM!
    I cut mine into little bite sized pieces for the times I want just a tad of something sweet!
    Ordered the max limit but can’t wait for them to become available again:)

  54. Colleen (verified owner)

    The flavor is really good, but I don’t care for the texture. It’s hard to bite and sticks to my teeth. I’m going to take the suggestion to cut them into bite-sized portions; a little bit goes a long way. I probably won’t order more, but I appreciate the opportunity to have a sweet bite treat.

  55. melis329 (verified owner)

    Love these bars . Perfect cold! My boys like these as well . Hope they come back in stock soon

  56. Amy Stewart

    Received my bars this week, and I’m definitely a fan. I love the flavor and texture. I don’t find them too chewy. I ate RX Bars in my pre-THM days and the texture is similar. I LOVE that they are a fuel pull and think they make a great option for an on the go snack or as an after dinner dessert.

  57. Laura Davis (verified owner)

    These are AMAZING!!! Even my picky daughter loves them. Thank you

  58. Cindy Paschal

    When Will more protein bars be available? I missed the first round, anxiously waiting to try them.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are working hard to get them back in stock just as soon as possible!

  59. Kelly Young (verified owner)

    These are not my cup-of-tea (not a tootsie roll fan) but my kids love them. We received them yesterday and the kids have asked for them all afternoon:) Thankful for a sweet treat that not only do I not feel bad giving my kids but I can also dole out smaller portions and they don’t scarf it down quickly! Thanks to THM for providing trim healthy kid approved snacks!

  60. Leslie

    These are my favorite protein bar now! So chewy. Sometimes I am not that hungry, but have a desire to chew. The brownie bar can be cut into a dozen pieces that will last me all day. Just part of a bar is a good dessert at any meal. Perfect sweetness for me too!

  61. Lisa Cunningham (verified owner)

    I love it! Mine came yesterday just as I was walking out door for work all afternoon. I had packed a Chomps that I wasn’t too excited about just in case I needed a quick FP. Instead, I got to throw one of these in my purse and boy did it help me! Tonight, as I sit here watching football, I once again needed a little FP treat. On advice, I heated it ever so slightly in microwave and it made it so fudgy and tasted ever so naughty LOL. I’m so happy with these and can’t wait for more.

  62. Jessica Brown (verified owner)

    Totally exceeded my expectations! These are so good. Best protein bar I’ve ever had. They are chewy like a tootsie-roll but not too sweet. Made with top quality ingredients so I can enjoy them with no compromise and no guilt. Worth it!!!

  63. Kay Coppedge (verified owner)

    I so wanted to like these. So much so, I bought the double amount.
    Don’t care for them. So, I have 11 bars remaining. Received them today. My taste buds and these bars, just don’t get along. Have no idea what I’m going to do with the rest.

  64. cathiddleston (verified owner)

    I. LOVE. THESE. BARS. They are so satisfying and chewy and not like other bars where they’re gone in two seconds and leave you searching for more. These are truly satiating and I feel like I’ve actually eaten something good. My insulin levels also remain balanced and don’t go out of whack like they do with other bars I’ve tried in the past. Can’t wait for these to be back in stock! Also, pro-tip, microwave for ten seconds, let cool, then devour. 10/10!!!

  65. cehleggett (verified owner)

    Someone suggested microwaving the bar for a DELISH treat! I find them chewy at room temperature and very – VERY – chewy (difficult to chew) at fridge temps. (watch those crowns!) But it is SO nice to have a chocolately bar that is filling and you just KNOW it’s chock full of good ingredients for you! Definitely storing them long-term in the fridge and popping one in my purse for on-the-go!!

  66. hollyrosenberry0923 (verified owner)

    So happy to finally have a protein bar for this drive thru sue! Thank you sisters!!!! Cant wait to try the baobab one 🙂

  67. Elizabeth Murphy (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This drive thru sue needed an on plan protein bar that I don’t have to make myself! This bar is not too sweet, tastes great, and satisfies that chocolate craving. I can’t wait to buy more! Once again, Serene and Pearl have hit it out of the park! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  68. Rosalinda Vargas (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many a protein bar. These are singularly outstanding! Everything I could ask for. The flavor is perfectly balanced. Not too sweet. The peanut components (flour, extract) seem to deepen the impression of brownie flavor. I don’t “taste peanuts.” It truly is everything Serene and Pearl have described it to be. A lot like a Tootsie roll, but not as sticky. It is quite filling, too. You can enjoy a bar little by little; you will not go hungry. I especially appreciate that there’s no burning sensation as with other bars that contain a syrup of some kind. Again, THM has knocked one out of the park! I SO look forward to the bar options to follow. Tremendous thanks for developing and, more importantly, engaging the faithful perseverance towards “raising the bar”!

  69. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Trying my first bar for breakfast this morning (with coffee *half and half*intregal collagen*supersweet). It’s very chewy. Very chocolatey. Not a bar you can scarf down. It’s quite delicious. I just got my order so it hasn’t been refrigerated yet. Thank you THM for creating a grab and go option!

  70. Amanda Nelligan (verified owner)

    Got my bars today and had to try one. Chewy and chocolatey and delicious.

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