Trim Healthy Mama (Paperback)

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Trim Healthy Mama: No More Fads! (paperback)
A Common Sense Guide To Satisfy Your Cravings And Energize Your Life.
By Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett.

2 reviews for Trim Healthy Mama (Paperback)

  1. tennmows

    Yes, this book isn’t quite as “organized” or professional as the newer books, but it is still great! I never thought I could have lost the weight to fit into a formal dress from my college days after three children, but I did using the plan and recipes from this book.

  2. Christina S

    I love this book!! The newer books are wonderful but I think there is valuable information in this book that is not in the others. I think this is a must-have, must-read for anyone serious about living the Trim Healthy lifestyle :-)!

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