Trim Healthy Starter Pack Combo (Book, Membership & Product Bundle)

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Want to jump right in and start eating the delicious Trim and Healthy Way as soon as you can?  Along with the Starter Book, 1-year membership to & access to the Starting Line Video tutorials, you’ll receive the most helpful and health boosting ingredients delivered right to your door. *$77 IN SAVINGS! *if purchased separately

Product Description

Your Starter Pack Combo includes the same  “Trim Healthy Starter” book that is available in our basic combo.

Trim Healthy Starter contains the eating plan in one easy to learn chapter, tips and tricks to help you along your way, cheat sheets for easy reference and 50 of the best and easiest recipes to get you going and loving your food! In beautiful, spiral bound, full color form, this book will be your guide as you begin your journey to Trim and Healthy.

No more cutting out carbs or fats or calories… allow your weight to melt and your health to boost by including rather than excluding! Cutting out whole food groups might be trendy but can be dangerous to your long-term health. It is time to adopt a freeing, sensible plan for life that is centered wisely on protein and celebrates both fats and carbs. This will be your Food Freedom – your long term “can do” eating lifestyle! No more diet extremes. You can do this, and Trim Healthy Starter will provide you with the wings you need to fly!

Also included… a 1 year membership to As a member you’ll have all the resources, support and encouragement to equip you for your most successful Trim Healthy journey. You will have access to our ever-growing Recipe Database, our exclusive Menu Builder, community forums, exclusive video, audio and so much more!

*PLEASE NOTE: 1-year memberships are for new members only and can NOT be added onto existing memberships.

*Bonus gift: Learn from us in our special VIP “Starting Line” video tutorial series as we take you meal by meal and teach you how to make simple and delicious Trim Healthy meals using ingredients you are likely to have on hand in your own kitchens purchased from any grocery store.

The Trim Healthy Plan is unique in that you don’t actually need any special ingredients to do it. But to get started in the most efficient and successful way, it is super handy and stress free to have all the fun and helpful ingredients on hand.

Ingredients such as Trim Healthy Baking Blend, sweeteners, protein powder, Baobab Boost Powder and others allow you to make all the recipes in the book as soon as you see them… no trips to the grocery store trying to find all the right items. You can eat Trimtastic Chocolate Cake for breakfast and slim down at the same time!

The most helpful and popular starter ingredients & accessories will ensure you have the most delicious and nutritious beginning to your Trim Healthy lifestyle.

They include:

– Baking Blend 16oz Bag
– Gentle Sweet 16oz Bag
– Pristine Whey Protein Powder 16oz Bag
– Nutritional Yeast 12oz Bag
– Baobab Boost Powder 11oz Bag
– Pure Stevia 1oz Bag
– Glucomannan 16oz Bag
– Mineral Salt 12oz Bag
– Plastic Butterfly Clips for your THM product bags
– Doonk Scoop (for Stevia)
– Exclusive THM Recipe Tin (*includes set of 71 Color-Coded Recipe Cards and 15 blanks. Includes divider cards. Recipe cards correspond directly to the “THM 7-Day Video Menu” featured inside THM’s private membership website

We look forward to sharing your journey with you! – Love, Serene & Pearl


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