Discussion Group Study Guides

Do you love to share Trim Healthy with your friends, neighbors, or church? Because we are so thankful for the organic way passionate Trim Healthy Mamas have spread the food freedom movement across the country through their joy, excitement, and word-of-mouth message, we wanted to give back and make it easier for you to host discussion or study groups in your local community.

While only THM Coaches are certified to teach the plan and charge for their services, our desire is to provide these unique resources for those volunteers who wish to reach their local communities with the Trim Healthy plan knowledge.

Please use these free study guides as an incredible resource for your THM Plan book study. We are providing one guide that is more geared toward a church setting with bible references included and one that is more specifically for outreach to neighbors or book clubs, etc.

Just a reminder that you may not charge or ask for donations to lead these studies unless you have been certified as a THM Coach. Reimbursement for expenses is permissible.

Discussion Guide for Church Groups

Discussion Guide for Study Groups