Trim Healthy Featured Recipes!


Esther's Peanut Butter Cup Cake - S

Esther's Sugar Cookies - S

Esther's Maple Buttercream - S

Check Out Our Optimized Plant Protein Recipes!

Optimized Oatmeal
E or XO

Optimized Peanut
Quick Mix

Optimized Chocolate Banana Protein Shake - E

Optimized PB Cookie Dough Balls - S

You’ll love these Cookie Mix recipes!

Cookies - S

PB Chocolate Chip Cookies - S

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - S

Maple Walnut Cookies - S

Have you tried our tasty Biscuit & Scone Mix recipes?

Cheddar Garlic Drop Biscuits – S

Waist-Watching Sausage Gravy - S

Biscuits - S

Cran-Orange Scones w/Glaze–S

Download these mouth-watering Brownie Mix recipes today!

Brownie Whoopie
Pies - S

Texas Sheetcake Brownies - S

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies - S

Some of our favorite tried & true recipes!

Hubby Lovin’ Breading Mix (FP)
Pearl’s PPP Porridge (E)
Fooled Ya’ Pizza (S)
Guilt Gone Cranberry Pie (S)
Good Girl Moonshine (FP)
Boost Juice (FP)
Shake Gone Nuts or Choco-Nuts (FP)
‘Mazing Flavored Marshmallows (FP)
Vanilla Chai Spice Shake (FP or S)
Cottage Berry Whip (FP)
Decadent Cherry-Mango Shake (E)
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (S)
Cheeseburger Pie (S)
The Shrinker (FP)
Singing Canary (FP)
Wonder Wraps (FP)
Volcano Mudslide Muffin (S)
Strawberry-Kale Salad (S)
Trim Healthy Pancakes or Waffles (E)
Basic Coffee Trimmy (FP)
Trim Train Taco Soup (FP)
Hangry Pockets (S, E, or FP)
Fields of Green Omcake (S)
Asian Noodle Salad (S)