New Era for THM: Sale, Auto Ship & Launches

The introduction of “Auto-Ship” (aka: Product Subscription) will be a new era in how you can order products from us and save… and it starts TODAY! We’ve had so many requests for this over the years but our problem was having enough stock to make it happen… we wanted you to be able to rely on us to have your auto ship product always in stock.

Well, we’re going to roll this out a little at a time. The hope is to someday soon offer this feature for ALL (or most, anyways) of our products. We are debuting this feature, however, on one product to start… Feminine Balance TINCTURE.

So many of you have come to rely on it for mood, sleep, pain, hormone balance and more. You don’t want to be without it and here’s how we can help make that happen:

– You can subscribe to Feminine Balance either MONTHLY or BI-MONTHLY.

– The day of the month that you place the original order is the same day of the month that the order will be generated each month of the subscription.

– Once the subscription is established you will have the ability to “edit” your subscription to fit whatever your needs may be.

– You can cancel your subscription at any time.

– The subscription price will be discounted. It can’t be all the way down to a sale price but it will never be full price.. In the case of Feminine Balance which is regularly $42.99, the subscription/auto-ship price will be $41.50

– Here’s the AWESOME thing though… we are going to allow members to use their 10% discount on top of the subscription price. This will be FANTASTIC for members as it will be even below member pricing and below sale pricing. You will literally be getting the subscription product at the lowest possible price. So for members, the Feminine Balance will now be… $37.35 vs $42.99!

– We will be adding more products to this feature ASAP. But we have to see how this initial one works first.

New Releases:

3 NEW Flavored Wheys!

– Cookies-n-Cream
– Vanilla Bean
– Choco-Peanut

$19.99 intro price! ($21.99 regular price)
*Sale prices valid thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday April 15th

The new whey flavors are absolutely delicious… use them for smoothies, shakes or simply mixed with unsweetened nut milk. Put a scoop in a big glass of milk, blend or shake and you have delightful flavored milk. Children love this too!

These new whey flavors are such a great way to boost your and your family’s health and immune system during this current health challenge.

Our cross flow micro filtered whey is rich in Lactoferrin which is anti-viral (it binds to virus receptors and viral surface protein). Whey also boosts glutathione which is our body’s most effective immune builder and antioxidant.

More New Releases:

2 New Lotions!

– Pina Colada (oh man… this stuff is so good!)
– Verry Berry (and yes… the spelling of “Verry” is intentionally incorrect!)

$8.99 intro price! ($9.99 regular price)
*Sale prices valid thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday April 15th

These all natural, hydrating lotions are for face and body… all over… perfect under make up if you like a lighter moisture application or for hands, legs, feet… everything!

Need a happy pick me up during quarantine? The smell of Pina Colada or Verry Berry on your skin can be that little extra tad of happiness we all need to get us through right now.

Other Items On Sale:

TrimHealthyMembership $9.99 Sale!

Our 3-month membership package (normally $24.99) for only $9.99!
*Use the discount code: 3for999 at checkout to receive the special $9.99 offer

This is a huge price drop for just 48 hours. Members can enjoy access to even more amazing recipes, exclusive videos, pre-made menus, a custom menu builder including grocery lists, 10% off all THM products (some exceptions occasionally apply) and so much more.

Please keep in mind that the member discount is not in addition to sale prices, however you will receive the greater discount.

*Please note: If you would like to receive the 10% member discount off your product order today including the new lower Feminine Balance Auto-Ship price… please make certain you purchase your membership subscription FIRST before placing your product order. The membership process must be completed before the 10% discount can be applied. If your email address is already in our system, you MUST log in HERE first before purchasing your new membership subscription.

*This offer not for current members or renewals. Applies to NEW members & INACTIVE memberships accounts only.

*Sale prices valid thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday April 15th

All Hemp Creams On-Sale!

– Hemp & Blue Balm/Creamreg $42.99/sale $39.99
– Chillax Creamreg $35.99/sale $29.99
– Orange Silk Plusreg $35.99/sale $29.99
– Extra Mild Plusreg $24.99/sale $19.99
– Feminine Balance Creamreg $35.99/sale $29.99
– Masculine Prime Creamreg $35.99/sale $29.99

*Sale prices valid thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday April 15th

Immune Booster Bundle:

We are keeping this immune boosting bundle (Baobab, Collagen & Whey) going for as long as this current health challenge goes on with such intensity

Trim Healthy You Home-School Curriculums:

$10 off each kit for as long as children are home from school!

Heavy Hitter CBD Tinctures PRICE DROP!

We are permanently dropping the price of BOTH the Heavy Hitters (CBD Isolate & Full-Spectrum) from $239.99 all the way down to $149.99 each!

Final Note: Middle Mountain Coffee Going Away Soon:

Sadly, we are nearing the end of our stock of Middle Mountain coffee. So many of you have grown to love it and it is the only coffee many of us can drink without the usual acid issues from coffee… such as GERD or heartburn.

It  is so soothing and full of antioxidants with no bitterness. We will soon be getting our original GuateMama Java coffee in though so you can look forward to that. We have come to realize that so many of you enjoy Middle Mountain so much that we are considering bringing it back in the future. But it will have to be the full price of $11.99 rather than what we sell it for now  (which is at our deeply discounted price of $8.49).

And it will take many months before we have it back… so stock up while we still have some.