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Are aches or pains cramping your style? Are chronically inflamed joints, tension headaches, or menstrual cramps keeping you from active days and restful nights? We at Trim Healthy Hemp know you’ve probably been seeking an alternative to over-the-counter medication which has become a crutch to millions across the globe but comes with its own set of negative side effects.

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Product Description

Are aches or pains cramping your style? Are chronically inflamed joints, tension headaches, or menstrual cramps keeping you from active days and restful nights? We at Trim Healthy Hemp know you’ve probably been seeking an alternative to over-the-counter medication which has become a crutch to millions across the globe but comes with its own set of negative side effects.

Welcome Hemp & Blue Cream into your natural approach to pain freedom. This luscious emollient boasts a full 500mg of hemp’s cannabinoid superstar CBD. These highly effective anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving components of CBD are paired with the power of the Blue Tansy plant. Blue Tansy is widely known to help with topical, subdermal, and muscular pain. It is also a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory weapon. It doesn’t stop there though; it is also a natural antihistamine that helps reduce the body’s response to allergens. It has anti-anxiety effects and detoxifying properties to boot. Alone, these two natural agents are magnificent, but when Hemp and Blue are married and spun together with other specially chosen herbal infusions, the benefits are magnified.

Don’t think Hemp and Blue cream is only designed for pain relief. CBD isolate and Blue Tansy both rejuvenate the skin, but many other specific herbs make up this cream’s skin soothing and healing power. These herbs, along with essential oils known to fight viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, are included in this highly absorbent transdermal treatment. You’ll want to use this cream on rough skin conditions and any place on the skin that is painful, red and inflamed.

Choose Hemp & Blue Cream for when you desire a quick action application that sinks deep, fast, and immediately gets to work. It will help trade your pain with a cooling sensation from Wintergreen essential oil. For this reason, it may not be desired for full facial application like you can freely do with the Hemp & Blue Balm.

You can be assured that if it says “Hemp & Blue” and is stamped with our butterfly, you can expect real results.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Grape Seed Oil, Herbally-Infused Olive Oil (Calendula, Comfrey, Goldenseal, Lavender, Myrrh Gum, Plantain), Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Essential Oil, 99+% CBD Isolate, Blue Tansy Essential Oil, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Rosalina Essential Oil, Spruce Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Wintergreen Essential Oil, Turmeric CO2

Note: Although there is only a small amount of wintergreen essential oil in Hemp & Blue Cream, we recommend caution for children or pregnant and nursing mothers.

STRENGTH: 500mg 8mg/ml

SIZE: 60ml (2oz)

SUGGESTED USE: Rub 1/8 – 1/4 tsp into desired areas twice daily or as needed.

For additional info, please visit our THM CBD FAQ

Manufacturer’s note about our skin care and hemp products: We do not use anything artificial in our skin care and hemp products. Any colors, binders, or scents are naturally derived. Changes to our formulation are made only when necessary to improve ingredients and/or processing. Please note that the color and scent of natural products may vary slightly from batch to batch depending on the color of the flowers/herbs that we infuse and the season that they are gathered in. This is the uniqueness of working with natural products. Rest assured, the ingredients and the formulation are always of the highest possible quality! Our skin care, MADE makeup and hemp products are never, ever tested on animals.

Since our skin care and hemp products are considered fresh with no harmful preservatives, we encourage you to use them in a timely fashion as we only warranty for 30 days. Once opened and stored in a cool environment, they could easily last a year or more! Those living in warmer, humid climates may wish to store their products in the crisper section of their refrigerator to keep them fresher longer. To ensure best results, please make sure no water comes in contact with creams and that your hands are always clean and dry when applying.

Please note that from time to time packaging may vary.

Check out our 2-part podcast on the topic of CBD:

Part 1: Your Endocannabinoid System.

Part 2: Hemp: A Wonder-Healing Plant.

FDA DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to treat or prevent any illness or condition. Use at own risk. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

*The 2018 Farm Bill, passed by Congress, removes all industrial hemp and CBD products from the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). While states still have the right to restrict production and sales, it is now fully legal to purchase, possess, and consume in all 50 states.

*For additional info, please visit our THM CBD FAQ.

Customer Reviews

  1. Elaine kozloski

    My friend received a jar of your cream hemp and blue we were visiting with her when just being there for a little while we were going to leave both of us suffer from chronic pain and we were hurting pretty bad she said she had some cream that would take the pain away we didn’t believe her but said we would try it in so glad we did for the first time in I don’t know how long I have no pain in my back neither does he I will be getting us some just as soon as we get paid it feels so good not to hurt thank you for making this cream and not lying about how it works like others do just to make a dollar

  2. Dawn Peisel (verified owner)

    This is a miracle product. It helps with pain, sleep and I just recently found out it completely stops the itch of mosquitoes bites!!

  3. Natural Nurse82 (verified owner)

    I am just in the second week of using this product for myself and my hyperactive 5 year old, and I could cry with gratitude. We are seeing such positive changes, she seems happier, more verbal, more content, less jumping off of furniture… And it helps with pain and anxiety too, for us grown-ups. I have a spark of hope now. God bless you for this product!

  4. Melissa Saunders

    I received the Hemp and Blue just 2 days ago as a gift from my sister who uses several Trim Healthy Mama products. She got it for me because I suffer from several ailments, Chronic pain, RA, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative disk disease, 2 herniated disks, bulging disks, muscle spasms, to name a few. I also was in a car accident a year ago, crushing my left hand and injury to my left knee. I had my hand re-broke to do constructive surgery with plate, screws and a pin to hold bones in place. (Pin has since been removed) As well as having my pointer finger stretched back out where knucle bones shifted and shortened my finger. Thumb ligaments were torn as well. I spent 8 months in therapy for my hand, and 4 for my knee. I now have arthritis in my hand and knee among other pain from injury. This wonderful cream has given me pain relief all over that I haven’t been able to get from any other creams or medications. I could feel the effects of it working within a few minutes. This is day 2 of using the Hemp and Blue. As soon as I got up this morning I put the cream on my back, hips, shoulder, knees and hand. Within 10-15 minutes I felt like a new person! I was able to get going without my cane this morning (that I usually have to use the first few hours when I first get up)! I’m so happy I could cry! It usually takes me a few hours for my body to unstiffen, the excruciating pain to subside some and to be able to stand and move properly and start my day. I was taking charge of my day within 15 minutes today instead of my usual 2 hours! I’m only in my early 40’s and a wife and mom. I feel like I’ve been given back my life! Thank you!!! I want to shout my results from the roof tops!!

  5. Nichole Wardell (verified owner)

    This product is great! I rub on my temples for headaches. I spread on my neck, legs, shoulders when they’re sore. I was shocked by the way this worked. I will continue to buy this product!

  6. mccalla.trish (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing! It is wonderous, even!!
    I don’t usually write reviews, so here it goes: I have had a couple dry and peeling spots on my right foot. The flakey skin was hard, catching on things, and causing the area to be sensitive and sore at times. I applies just a TINY bit of this “miracle” cream on those spots and a tad on both feet. This morning I woke and my feet looked fresh and hydrated! I applied just a tad of Femine Balance this morning to both feet. It was late this afternoon before I noticed on of the dry spots just beginning to feel flakey again. I’ve just now applied Hemp & Blue again and already my feet feel fabulous! I so wish I had taken a before and after picture to prove this sudden change in appearance of my dry cracking/peeling feet!! I am thoroughly IMPRESSED!

  7. Denise (verified owner)

    When I wake up at night in pain in my legs, I just rub this on & I can go right back to sleep. My husband uses it on his bad back and it gives him great relief!

  8. kmp1961 (verified owner)

    I love my Hemp & Blue. I use it nightly on both the insides and outsides of my ankles and the tops of my feet,. After a long day my veins are popped out and my feet don’t hurt but are tired. Hemp & Blue helps me sleep making my feet feel rested. In the morning I have no vein issues. My ankles look better than a woman half my age. I keep a jar in reserve so I never run out and take it with me when I am away from home.

  9. Rachel Downing

    I had a friend graciously allow me to try theirs, and I used it on my legs, which had been cramping painfully for days. AS SOON AS I put it on my skin where my cramps were, the pain was GONE. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much of anything, but I was blown away. I’m on your website now to order my own, because I cannot imagine not having it in my arsenal! Thank you so much for developing something so efficacious; a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals, which can have a negative, lasting impact on our health. I cannot adequately express my gratitude!

  10. Eileen Sills (verified owner)

    I used this on my elderly father who was having a hard time with an itchy back. We spent a lot of money to get medicated creams that didn’t do very well. When I applied this cream on his back – as soon as my hand rubbed over his skin the redness went away and the itching and discomfort as well. What’s also good about this is applying it to his back at bedtime is so relaxing and soothing he falls asleep peacefully and comfortably.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      That is fantastic news! So glad your father found such relief with this product. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Michelle L

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and frequently my hands are swollen and riddled with pain and I am unable to even bend my fingers. I rub this stuff in (a little goes a long way) and within 5 – 10 minutes all joints are moving and with less pain. This product is amazing, wonderful and fantastic and I cannot be without it! Thank you!

  12. Kim Niehaus (verified owner)

    I recently was in a car accident and severely hurt my right hand-nearly losing my thumb! I bought this hoping it would help with the pain and healing of the nerves & scar. I am pleased with the results already and have only been using it three days! Thanks!

  13. theprairiemom (verified owner)

    My foot was crushed in a car accident 8 months ago. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the Hemp & Blue products. I am just now learning to walk again and I have trauma induced arthritis. This cream works so well to ease pain. I put it and the balm on each night before bed and I am able to sleep all night long. It is so much better than any prescribed medication and I am so grateful. We have also used it for sinus headaches. I think we have just scratched the surface of all that this cream can do. Thank you for such a great product!!!!

  14. Kristen

    Got this for Christmas and am so excited! I was skeptical that it would help with chronic aching back/shoulder muscles. Shortly after applying, I felt relief and was absolutely surprised that I slept without the usual pain. THANK YOU!!!

  15. Tisa Fournier (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite cream!!! The first thing you notice is the smell!!! It is AMAZING!!! I love the smell!! It makes me feel so relaxed. I put it on my temples, neck, and under my nose last night and I slept so well!! This morning I put it on some soar muscles and within minutes my muscle stopped hurting. It is a great blend of CBD and mineral oils!! I am really impressed with this product and will be buying it regularly!!

  16. Cathryn (verified owner)

    I had hurt my shoulder, back and arm- torn muscles, stretched ligaments, sprains, and recently discovered I had also torn the labrum in two places (the gasket that keeps your shoulder in the socket).
    The pain has been excruciating, and I’m limited for relief due to allergy to aspirin and NSAIDs.

    I was able to get a couple jars of the hemp and blue during the release! It definitely relieves pain better than anything else I’ve tried.
    Not only am I sleeping better, but my shoulder is improving so much faster!
    it’s healed more in the past week than it has since last August when I damaged it.

    The specialist had given me a script for a topical equivalent of Motrin. It doesn’t even touch it. Hemp and blue is way way way way way way way way better! And I don’t need to be concerned with any side effects either.
    It’s been a few weeks using Hemp and Blue, and now I’m able to do PT ?
    On the road to recovery!!
    I’m so grateful ?

    Bless you ?

    Thank you!

  17. warblondsue (verified owner)

    Was so excited to receive this today!! I suffer from Arthritis in both knees put this on and with in maybe 10 minutes I could feel the difference. WOW this stuff is truly amazing. I can not say thank you enough.

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