Basic Quick Start Bundle

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This bundle includes a great selection of products at a special discounted price that will help you get started on plan or replenish your pantry! For a great free resource starter guide, sign up using here!

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Product Description

The importance of burning both carbs and fats for long term health and weight has never been so critical. Healthy carbs are needed not only for thyroid and adrenal health but for countless other bodily functions. Healthy fats are essential for brain, nerve and mood health and that’s just the beginning of their importance. Pulling either of these macronutrients out eventually results in hormone imbalances, a lowered metabolic set point, a boring set of food choices and intense cravings.

Whether female or male, no matter what age or stage of life, the sound dietary principles of Trim Healthy eating will take you from tired and inflamed to leaner, stronger and healthier.

You will not have to weigh your food, log your food, obsessively count your food to match somebody else’s idea of how much you should eat. You will not have to skip meals (aka intermittent fast) nor take your calorie count down to something unsustainable.


  • Xylitol-Free Gentle Sweet
  • Integral Collagen
  • Baking Blend
  • Pristine Whey Protein Powder
  • Creamy Dreamy Plant Protein Powder

*Optional suggested add-ons (not included in the bundle):

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