Heavy Hitter Full-Spectrum Hemp Formula

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Are you or a loved one facing a challenge that requires the big guns to help your body battle? Heavy Hitter is this kind of powerful weaponry with a whopping 3000 mg of full spectrum hemp cannabinoids.

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Product Description

Are you or a loved one facing a challenge that requires the big guns to help your body battle? Heavy Hitter is this kind of powerful weaponry with a whopping 3000 mg of full spectrum hemp cannabinoids. If you are searching for natural potency you have picked up the right bottle. This is designed to nurture your body’s endocannabinoid system which is involved with mood, sleep, memory, digestion, immune system, skin and so much more. Heavy hitter is our most powerful hemp formula, you can tell from the taste… seriously strong but just put your big girl or boy pants on and shove it under your tongue like a boss!

INGREDIENTS: MCT Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Note: Concerning pregnant or nursing mamas, while we do not know of any contraindications, we always recommend that each woman do her own personal research regarding ingredients and only use those products that she feels are the best fit for each season of her life.

STRENGTH: 3000mg 100mg/ml

SIZE: 30ml (1 fl oz)

SUGGESTED USE: Place 1/4 to a full dropper under tongue and hold for a minimum of 30 seconds twice daily or as needed. (Yep, it’s strong and hempy tasting… you can do it) Use under adult supervision.

For additional info, please visit our THM CBD FAQ

Manufacturer’s note about our skin care and hemp products: We do not use anything artificial in our skin care and hemp products. Any colors, binders, or scents are naturally derived. Changes to our formulation are made only when necessary to improve ingredients and/or processing. Please note that the color and scent of natural products may vary slightly from batch to batch depending on the color of the flowers/herbs that we infuse and the season that they are gathered in. This is the uniqueness of working with natural products. Rest assured, the ingredients and the formulation are always of the highest possible quality!

Since our skin care and hemp products are considered fresh with no harmful preservatives, we encourage you to use them in a timely fashion as we only warranty for 30 days. Once opened and stored in a cool environment, they could easily last a year or more! Those living in warmer, humid climates may wish to store their products in the crisper section of their refrigerator to keep them fresher longer. To ensure best results, please make sure no water comes in contact with creams and that your hands are always clean and dry when applying.

Please note that from time to time packaging may vary.

Check out our 2-part podcast on the topic of CBD:

Part 1: Your Endocannabinoid System.

Part 2: Hemp: A Wonder-Healing Plant.

*For additional info, please visit our THM CBD FAQ.

FDA DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to treat or prevent any illness or condition. Use at own risk. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

*The 2018 Farm Bill, passed by Congress, removes all industrial hemp and CBD products from the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). While states still have the right to restrict production and sales, it is now fully legal to purchase, possess, and consume in all 50 states.

*Full spectrum CBD oil as contained in Heavy Hitter Full-Spectrum Hemp Formula may show up as a positive on certain urine tests (although very unlikely in blood tests). Please read our FAQ for more information on this.

Customer Reviews

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    I am 44 years old and in perimenopause. I noticed I have been having feelings of rage, irritability, and lack of patience for several months that I believe is related to shifting hormones. I have used several THM hemp products in the past and always benefited from them so I decided to give this Heavy Hitter a try. I took 10 drops under my tongue and within one hour I felt more relaxed than I have in weeks! I have been taking 10 drops twice a day for a week now and I feel so much better! Why don’t OBGYNs know about this?! Please don’t stop selling this product! I trust this company knowing that Serene and Pearl have high standards for the things they put on and into their bodies. I will be back for more the next time it’s on sale. I never want to run out!

  2. Jennifer

    FYI, this made me choose a rating and I haven’t yet tried this product. How many approximate servings do these 1 oz bottles have? Thank you.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      There are approximately 30 dropperfuls per bottle.

  3. Angie (verified owner)


  4. AB

    Which of the two Heavy hitters is the best for severe chronic pain?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Our Heavy Hitter Full Spectrum Hemp formula would be a good choice for severe chronic pain. We do encourage also checking with your medical professional as they would best know your specific medical situation.

  5. Jessica Uhlin (verified owner)

    I cannot find another CBD oil of this caliber and quality anywhere. Love that I can trust these ladies and their wonderful team of helpers to provide us with such clean and potent products.

  6. Susan Whicker (verified owner)

    Right now I have been using this for dental pain and it helps so much. My granddaughter just came in and asked for it because she has a wisdom tooth coming in and nothing else helps. We also have a genetic disease in our family and this helps with many of those symptoms as well. Cannot live without this wonderful product.

  7. Moyne Gillming (verified owner)

    Both my husband and I benefit from this product. We have been using and really loving the Masculine and Feminine blends, but had stopped taking them when our budget got too tight. We really felt the loss so we tried the Heavy Hitter, since it’s 10X the strength for only 3X the cost. We feel so much better now that we’re taking full-spectrum hemp extract again. The taste is a little rough, but it’s such a tiny amount in this strong formula that we’ve found it to be totally tolerable. We are very grateful for this product!

  8. Jeannie (verified owner)

    I can be rather immature about flavors, and expected to have to power through this, but it actually tastes all right! There seems to be a hint of chocolate, but I just read that you don’t add anything. I’m very relieved that this is not going to be at all difficult for me. I’m looking forward to next time. Thank you for making such trustworthy products.

  9. Denis

    I was in search of something without a lot of THC for my anxiety, and was hit and miss with a lot of products. I had tried the THM Masculine Prime, and it took a little of the edge off, but still had spurts of anxiety and needed something with a little more kick, so my wife suggested I try the Heavy Hitter Full Spectrum Hemp Formula. It arrived Today, and WOW!!!! In less than hour of me taking 1/4 of the dropper, I was relaxed and anxiety free. This stuff works. I highly recommend this if you have high levels of anxiety. It packs a punch, but well worth it.

  10. monfamfarm (verified owner)

    This product has been a life changer!! I have severe Crohn’s Disease, and all the undesired side affects of it. I have been able to almost completely remove any other medications from my life. It is so very nice to be able to relate to my children, and life in general without feeling frustrated or out of control because of medication. Thank you for your dedication to healthy living!!

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