Optional Ice Pack – Please Read Carefully

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You can add ice pack(s) to this purchase for $1 each. Although we can’t pinky promise that the ice will remain completely frozen during transit and that the products will be unaffected by extreme temps, it will help to keep your products as chilled as possible on their way to you.
If you wish to add ice, we recommend 1 ice pack per pound of chocolate chips, or up to 16 bars. The quantity of ice packs can be adjusted in the cart. Don’t forget to click the “update cart” button after adjusting quantities.
Ice packs typically stay cool for around 48 hours during shipping, so please be mindful of the shipping option you select so it arrives as quickly as possible.


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Product Description

Ice packs are for shipping our chocolate products and protein bars.

We suggest 1 ice pack per pound of chocolate chips, or up to 16 bars.

Ice packs keep cool for around 48 hours in shipping, so please, choose your shipping methods accordingly.

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