I’m That Girl

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Edgy. Christian. Necessary.  Not written as a health, weight, relationship, or “find your happiness” type of book, but is by default.

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Edgy. Christian. Necessary.  Not written as a health, weight, relationship, or “find your happiness” type of book, but is by default.

But first… can we just have a super honest chat and explain ourselves? This is not a cookbook… and perhaps that is throwing you off. What are you forcing on us here sisters… and why?

You know THM as a health and wellness brand. You know us as the sisters who have been cheering women on to become their trimmiest and healthiest selves for almost a decade now since the release of our first book, Trim Healthy Mama.

But we discovered something as time went on.

This eating plan is not the ultimate answer.

No way of eating is.

Yes, THM has helped transform hundreds of thousands of lives. And don’t get us wrong. We believe it will stand the test of time as it leaves no food group out, is sensible, safe, and doable for the long term and we’re in it for life as so many of you are. But all the information, the helps, the cookbooks, the videos, the app, the member sites, the FB groups… everything we could think up to help… has honestly NEVER BEEN ENOUGH.

The reason… all the encouragement and all the help in the world cannot bring lasting change if your identity is stuck in an… “I’m that girl who eats her emotions.” Or “I’m just that girl who gets derailed.” or “I’m that girl who despises her body.”

We realized we were only helping so much. There was more… the bigger piece. The piece that actually means the most and does the most. The identity piece. Not just for your eating.. but for every aspect of your life… including your relationships.

So the concept of this book… this I’m That Girl thing… took precedence over all the other cookbook ideas we had. We realized we needed it… you needed it… maybe you didn’t even know you needed it… maybe you don’t even know if you want it. But it’s time.

We pray this book will sink deep down into your soul and be that piece that truly changes everything. For it is about the stuff of your spirit… the you who is about to find out who she really is. And although this is not actually a health book or cookbook, we believe it will benefit your health journey more than any practical nutrition advice or any amount of recipes we could drum up.

This is birthed from our own face plants… from our failures and our return after return to miserable thoughts and actions and words. Then truth emerged and enlightened and it changed us.. and we want to pass it all along. So yeah… we bring scriptures in it… but it is not a devotional. And if you’re not of the same faith as us… or any faith at all… there is still so much here for you. Science comes into play and there’s a bunch of super practical stuff toward the end. But just a heads up that this thing is choc-full of the ancient scriptural wisdom that transformed our lives. Can’t apologize for that. Our intent is to encourage, but we do want to give fair warning that this whole concept is wrapped up in Biblical wisdom.

It’s time. You’re about to go through a similar metamorphosis. Hang on to your hats. It’s about to go down! Or perhaps that is up.

“I’m That Girl” Audiobook Is Now Available On Audible!!!

Customer Reviews

  1. Hali

    Wonderful encouragement in bite sized portions! Love the Scriptures by categories for hangry moments when you need the Word NOW! Purchased several copies over the sale to share with friends.

  2. Krystal (verified owner)

    This book!!!!! I’m rereading it again and cannot wait for the audio! My husband is even excited about the audio because he wants to hear all I’m reading aloud to him.
    Thank you for writing this truth filled book!

  3. Michelle munn

    I have truly been enjoying I’m that girl so was excited when gotten the digital first was given out so excited still have the book ! Love the scripture and motivation and affirmations declare ! Such a beautiful written book so much reminders fathers love and each chapters amazingly inspiring such good motivational definitely help me on days struggle day I go mark pages reread Bible verses say that right I am that girl !

  4. Tina Barnhart

    I just finished reading this book. OH MY GOODNESS! Every Christian woman should read this! Besides all of the nuggets of wisdom written throughout the book, there are whole sections of scriptures for challenging areas of our lives. THANK YOU for doing the hard work of collating the scriptures to encourage us in the faith and speak directly to specific areas of our lives. Added Value! Also, the chapters on all of the science research… truly incredible! The whole book is just SO GOOD! I highly recommend it! And if you do purchase it. Read the WHOLE thing! Every morsel is valuable. Pearl and Serene, I can’t thank you enough for your three years of loving sacrifice to write this. May blessings be multiplied back to you.

  5. Barbara Riedel

    Is there an audio version available for this book? I have the book and noticed that on page 34 the sisters made reference to the audio version.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      The audio version is still in production but we hope to have it available soon!

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