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Comprehensive Exercise & Healing Program Designed Just for Women

With our new streaming option, it’s even easier to give us a few minutes of your day and celebrate the joy of movement with us in your journey to a trimmer, healthier you. Your subscription will auto-renew annually and you can cancel at any time. Click HERE for a sneak peek at the video line-up!

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Product Description

You don’t have time to waste or energy to burn on exercise methods that only get you bogged down in an exhausted, stressed-out rut. Trim Healthy Mama Workins are a ground breaking exercise method designed with your unique female body in mind. They will get you feminine fit within twenty minutes just a few times a a week. If all you have is a “fiver” then don’t beat yourself up. We have five-minute options to squeeze into your busy day.

Workins focus on rebuilding your body from the inner core out. They help strengthen and heal your more fragile, foundational layers before concentrating on outer muscles.

Many common forms of exercise are actually harmful to your insides, especially after childbirth, and can make tummy pooches and other issues like incontinence worse! You won’t be doing any brutal sit ups in this program but you will tone your tummy naturally!

After years of study and a fierce determination to get to the bottom of what forms of exercise are best for us women, we are now sharing our findings with all our Mamas. Finally, here is an exercise method that tones your entire outer body while helping to rebuild important lost structure on your insides. Whether you are an avid exerciser or a little… or perhaps a lot “dusty,” Workins have a fit for you.

We don’t leave pregnant or mature women out of the picture either. Choose either, Gentle, Steady or Thrill fit for each Workins routine and set your own pace.

Fun! Isn’t that how exercise should be? Who made the whole idea so boring and serious anyway? Give us a few minutes of your day and celebrate the joy of movement with us in your journey to a trimmer, healthier you.

This subscription includes our exercise Philosophy video, which we highly encourage you to view before beginning any of the routines. Also included is a 4-minute Body Refresh sequence and the recipe for our post Workins Bummy Builder protein smoothie!

The following booklet, bands and resistance tubes are sold separately! NOTE: You will receive a free PDF copy of the Exercise Booklet mentioned below that will arrive in the email confirmation when you order the Workins Streaming Subscription.

Exercise Booklet & Poster

Exercise Band: Heavy

Exercise Loop: Light

Exercise Loop: Medium

Exercise Resistance Tube w/handles

Exercise Doorstop

Listen to what others are saying about the Trim Healthy Mama Workins!

I have been doing these Workins for over a year now and still love them. A great quick work out. I don’t have to go to the gym so it saves me so much time! I love everything THM puts out. ~Susie

I am so in love with these workouts! Don’t let the 20 minute time frame fool you into thinking these aren’t effective! My personal favorite thus far is “Clammies in my Jammies”, because I feel the effects on my bummy immediately!! I love how they completely focus on feminine fit and caring for your pelvic floor. No other workout I’ve ever done has focused on the importance of the pelvic floor! I am so happy to have found a workout for life! Thank you, Serene and Pearl!! ~Rachel

I love the Workins! I’ve tried to incorporate exercise into my life since I was in my late teens but never really enjoyed it. After having my third baby in April, 2019 I started another program geared toward new mind and while I liked it I was having knee issues. My sister had the Workins and kindly is sharing with me and I can honestly say I don’t dread working out with them! I love the length if the workouts and feel like I’m getting stronger despite the less time. I highly recommend!! ~Brittney

I am an 18 year old young woman who loves to exercise. I was worried that the intensity level would not be high enough for me, well I was wrong!! By the end of each workout I am dripping with sweat and my heart is beating out of my chest. I highly recommend this program! It is an absolute blast and 20 minutes fly by. Thank you Serene and Pearl!!!!!!! ~Charissa


Customer Reviews

  1. Cheryl Mason (verified owner)

    Love this! Working on my core and strengthening weak muscles.

  2. Tanya Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these! Well done! A phenomenal price! You’ll get a solid mom-burn going for 20 minutes, while simultaneously unleashing your inner goofball. Safe for pregos, people with diastasis recti, and even has been gentle on someone like me with an epigastric hernia (acquired during pregnancy). I appreciate how realistic, casual, and full of grace these videos are — like you’re just working out with your friends and no one is judging you (except for perhaps the children in your house who are watching you from the recliner & couch – bahaha)… Enjoy! Your body will thank you for your purchase! 😉

  3. Catherine Swehla (verified owner)

    I have ordered the streaming version of this. I’ve done clammies in my jammies and it was great. But now trying to log on is a nightmare. PLEASE provide a direct link to the workins page for people like me who are streaming. I spend almost twenty minutes each time trying to figure out how to get to them even with an email from tech support. They are good videos but almost too much trouble to make it worth it now.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Hi Catherine, Because this is a subscription product that is directly tied to your user profile you need to be logged in to access the videos.

      If you are already logged into your store account, you can go directly to the Workins page

      If you are not logged into your store account, please follow these steps:
      * navigate to
      * log in to your store account
      You can then use the above link or use these steps to access the Workins through your store account.
      * go to “My Account” at the top of the page
      * click “My Membership” in the left navigation menu
      * click the “connect” link under the content tab of your active Workins Membership

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