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We want to encourage and equip you during this challenging season we are all going through. But can we straight talk for a moment? It feels like you are all our sisters so going to offer you the same straight talk we give to each other and to ourselves.  Let’s not fear!  Yes, we are all treading brand-new waters here… social distancing… home schooling which is new to some of us but same old to others of us… (ha ha!) but we can still find the good, find the love, find the humor and find the positive.

Fear only raises cortisol which pulls down our immune systems. Let’s speak words of life and health over our bodies and over our families. Let’s cover our elderly family members and friends and our brave health care givers in prayer (please lift up prayers of protection for our many THM nurses, of course for those who are not THM too) but let’s not forget we also have an incredible and practical arsenal of health weaponry to fight with. We can make wise health decisions to boost up our own health defenses and that of our families during this time. We are over-comers and we are going to get through this!

Eating the Trim Healthy Mama way is the first wise layer to fortify your immune system. Straight talk again… it is very important not to give in to sugar binges during this pandemic. While it is true that those of us not over 60 may not get severe symptoms even if we catch the virus… we need to do our best to avoid being carriers so we can protect our loved ones and others at risk. Keeping sugar and white starches out makes more sense than ever right now as sugar depletes the ability of our white blood cells to attack invading viruses. Perhaps in the past you were that girl who when stressed would eat her emotions but you are a new creature… nothing is stopping you… now you’re that girl who makes awesome, wise food choices even when life kicks… especially when life kicks! You can come out the other side of this challenge stronger and more equipped than ever! Including lots of vitamin C rich foods such as leafy greens, green peppers and wonderful fruits is just smart sense for your immune system. So is making sure to include adequate protein. Balanced protein is critical for well running immune function. And let’s never forget… blessing ourselves with comfort foods that are healthy… that’s also important. Perhaps take some time while you’re at home more during these next couple of weeks to make the Banana bread we’ve included in this email. It is sure to help bring comfort to the whole family and protect blood sugar at the same time.

Top Immune Booster: Baobab!

Fortify your immune system and that of your family members with Baobab. It is nature’s remedy for a strong immune system. If you are taking care of elderly family members or are involved in the lives of those of the of the greatest generation – more important still to help them. Baobab has more antioxidants than any other food on the planet. Antioxidants aggressively fight invading diseases and inflammation in your body. Baobab truly is the superfood of all superfoods and it is a whole food… no processing occurs other than to scrape the naturally dried fruit powder from the fruit stones.

As a natural source of vitamin C, baobab is more easily digested by the body and generally much more bioavailable than manufactured vitamin C tablets, ensuring a greater uptake. It has ten times the vitamin C of oranges and it powerfully helps balance your blood sugar which is crucial for your immune function when there is a higher risk of cold/flu and virus seasons. Out of control blood sugar gives rise to higher risk of catching anything going around. Usually we try to keep Baobab out of our sales as we don’t really have enough wiggle room between our cost and our retail to include it… but we know you need it and want it so it’s in!

Here are our Top 5 Immune Boosting Recipes that feature Baobab to boost your health and that of your family.

*Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this email to get links to a lot more recipes that include wonderful Baobab!

Boost Juice

Get the recipe HERE:

Singing Canary

Get the recipe HERE:

Cold & Cough Toddy

Watch the VIDEO recipe HERE:

Hello Health Sipper

Get the recipe HERE:

Bao Bomb Bars

Get the recipe HERE:

Boost Bites

Watch the VIDEO recipe HERE:

Top Immune Booster: Integral Collagen!

Most of us think of collagen as a supplement for smooth skin or lustrous hair and it is but it is also one of the most important foods we can support our immune system with. It supports and improves immune function through various pathways but a major one is through its healing to the gut. It reduces inflammation and repairs the digestive tract therefore improving digestion. Our gut is known as the second brain of our body, as 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut lining as well as a whopping 70% of our immune system! Making sure we have a healthy gut, is not only crucial for our digestion, but also for our immunity, mood and energy.

Here is just one of the many studies on the positive immune support of collagen. In 2015 Japanese researchers published a placebo, controlled, double blind trial measuring the SIV (Scoring of Immunological Vigor) and other immunological, biochemical, physical, and subjective symptom parameters. They tested Japanese men and women between the ages of 30 and 59 with low SIV markers and complaints of overall fatigue. The study revealed that through 10 grams of daily collagen supplementation, over an eight week period, there was significant improvement in the comprehensive immunological status of humans. Those participants who took the placebo supplement did not show any immunological improvement. A wonderful way to include collagen is to put it in hot drinks, in soups, chilis in some of the recipes listed below and of course to enjoy it in our Chocolate Brownie Fix Protein Bars

Sale Items:

*Sale prices effective thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday March 18th, 2020

BAOBAB BOOST POWDER: reg $13.99/sale $12.99/$1 off

COLLAGEN 16oz: reg $19.99/sale $17.99/$2 off
COLLAGEN 3LB: reg $55.99/sale $49.99/$6 off

BAKING BLEND 16oz: reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off
BAKING BLEND 3lb: reg $25.99/sale $19.99/$6 off

WHEY PROTEIN 16oz: reg $17.99/sale $15.99/$2 off
WHEY PROTEIN 3LB: reg $49.99/sale $44.99/$5 off

CHOCOLATE WHEY PROTEIN 16oz: reg $21.99/sale $19.99/$2 off
STRAWBERRY WHEY PROTEIN 16oz:reg $21.99/sale $19.99/$2 off

SUPER SWEET 16oz: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off
SUPER SWEET 3lb: reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5off
SUPER SWEET PACKETS: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

GENTLE SWEET 16oz: reg $10.99/sale $8.99/$2 off
GENTLE SWEET 3lb: reg $28.99/sale $23.99/$5 off
GENTLE SWEET XYLITOL FREE: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off
GENTLE SWEET XYLITOL-FREE 3lb: reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5 off
GENTLE SWEET PACKETS: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

STEVIA 1oz:reg $10.99/sale $9.99/$1 off
STEVIA 4oz:reg $37.99/sale $33.99/$4 off

ERYTHRITOL: reg $8.99/sale $7.99/$1 off
XYLITOL: reg $8.99/sale $7.99/$1 off

CHILLAX FULL-SPECTRUM HEMP FORMULA: reg $42.99/sale $39.99/$3 off


You’ll notice we put Chillax Hemp Formula on sale (both tincture and cream versions along with Feminine Balance). You may want to make use of it to help ease anxiety, to help calm nerves, to help ease pain and to sleep better during this season.  Putting on a mindset of positivity is fantastic but we need all the help we can get doing it!

A Chillax slathered Mama is sometimes a necessary and wonderful thing.

– wink!

Butter Me Up Banana Bread

Get the recipe HERE:

– comfort food. We don’t want you diving into a bag of M&M’s or eating a big bowl of Haagen-Dazs from hearing all the bad news coming out of your TV or through your newsfeed… sugar is not what you need right now. But you do need some comforts. Anything more soothing to the soul than sweet, moist, warm from the oven banana bread? Do yourself a favor and make this!

Now for the rest of your Baobab recipes to enjoy:

– Counterfeit Yuck Yum Bitty
– What The Heck Cookies
– Baobab Frozen Boosted Lemonade
– Blow Your Mind Frozen Berryade
– Boosted Arnold Palmer
Lemon Boost Sun Cake
Boosted Hoisin Chicken Wraps
Choc Chip Berry Frisky

Recipes Using Baobab from Trim Healthy Table Book:

Page 145- Super Salmon Easy Bake (S)
Page 173- Better than Pearl’s Broc and Cheese (S)
Page 175- Peanut Satay Trimmy bisque (S)
Page 178- Vibey Cream of cilantro trimmy Bisque (S)
Page 183- Cheesy No Cheese Trimmy Bisque (FP)
Page 186- Thai Lullaby Trimmy Bisque (S)
Page 188- Sopa de Quinoa Trimmy Bisque (E)
Page 288- Make the Jam Gravy (for scones on Page 287)
Page 305- Cherries on Top Chicken Salad (E)
Page 354- Big Bowl Cinnamon Oatmeal (E)
Page 368- Lemon Poppy Boost Muffins (S)
Page 407- No Moo Cheesecake (S)
Page 418- Singing Canary Truffles (S)
Page 419- Singing Canary Gummies (FP)
Page 420- Good Girl Moonshine Gummies (FP)
Page 427- Happy Bites (S)
Page 431- Chocolate Berry Boost Bars (S)
Page 432- Ultimate E Bars (E)
Page 440- No Moo Cream Cheese Bites (S)
Page 446- Singing Canary Pops (FP) with an S option
Page 470- Cheesecake Shake Down (FP)
Page 475- Triple-Berry Power Shake (S)
Page 488- Bloat Be Gone Smoothie (FP)
Page 490- Cobbler Calmer Shake (E)
Page 492- Strawberry Quickie Kifer Smoothie (E, FP or S)
Page 494- Mexican Papaya Sister Smoothie (E)
Page 498- Yuck Yum Bitty
Page 499- Coconut Yuck Yum Bitty (S)
Page 523- Cottage Citrus Dip (FP with E option)
Page 524- Karate Chop Kale Pesto (S)
Page 527- Honey-Mustard Trimmy Dressing (S)
Page 529- Caesar Trimmy Dressing (S)
Page 530- Tahini Trimmy Dressing (S)
Page 531- Italian Trimmy Dressing (FP)
Page 532- Greek Trimmy Dressing (S)
Page 533- Crazy Kombucha Trimmy Dressing (FP)
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