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Know anyone who needs to take a chill pill? Maybe that’s even you… or a family member? Now you can think in terms of chill cream rather than chill pills. Chillax is a proprietary, patent-pending cannabinoid-infused cream.

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Product Description

Know anyone who needs to take a chill pill? Maybe that’s even you… or a family member? Now you can think in terms of chill cream rather than chill pills. Chillax is a proprietary, patent-pending cannabinoid-infused cream. Its unique aloe-based, uptake formula is infused with herbs chosen for their calming and de-stressing benefits. Chillax is designed to nurture your endocannabinoid system which is involved with mood, energy, sleep, nervous system, immune system and so much more. Chillax may be that much-needed support for any member of your family who needs to chill and relax!

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera Gel, Grape Seed Oil, Herbally-Infused Olive Oil (Catnip, Chamomile, Lavender, Passion Flower), Beeswax, 99+% CBD Isolate, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Note: Due to one or more of the herbs infused in this product, we do not advise use during pregnancy. For nursing mamas, while we do not know of any contraindications, we always recommend that each woman do her own personal research regarding ingredients and only use those products that she feels are the best fit for each season of her life.

STRENGTH: 300mg 5mg/ml

SIZE: 60ml (2oz)

SUGGESTED USE: Rub 1/8 – 1/4 tsp into areas of body such as shoulders, under arms, décolleté, face, inner thighs or stomach twice daily or as needed.

For additional info, please visit our THM CBD FAQ

Manufacturer’s note about our skin care and hemp products: We do not use anything artificial in our skin care and hemp products. Any colors, binders, or scents are naturally derived. Changes to our formulation are made only when necessary to improve ingredients and/or processing. Please note that the color and scent of natural products may vary slightly from batch to batch depending on the color of the flowers/herbs that we infuse and the season that they are gathered in. This is the uniqueness of working with natural products. Rest assured, the ingredients and the formulation are always of the highest possible quality! Our skin care, MADE makeup and hemp products are never, ever tested on animals.

Since our skin care and hemp products are considered fresh with no harmful preservatives, we encourage you to use them in a timely fashion as we only warranty for 30 days. Once opened and stored in a cool environment, they could easily last a year or more! Those living in warmer, humid climates may wish to store their products in the crisper section of their refrigerator to keep them fresher longer. To ensure best results, please make sure no water comes in contact with creams and that your hands are always clean and dry when applying.

Please note that from time to time packaging may vary.

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FDA DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to treat or prevent any illness or condition. Use at own risk. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

*The 2018 Farm Bill, passed by Congress, removes all industrial hemp and CBD products from the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). While states still have the right to restrict production and sales, it is now fully legal to purchase, possess, and consume in all 50 states.

*For additional info, please visit our THM CBD FAQ.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Customer Reviews

  1. texasgirl (verified owner)

    Apparently I twisted my left side by the way I was sitting on our couch a couple nights ago and since then the pain in my back on my left side was excruciating and nothing I had tried so far was working. I decided to try the chillax cream I had just bought during the cyber sale. Got my hubby to rub a little bit into the painful area and within minutes immense relief, a few more minutes and I could get out of bed. I can’t wait to see what else it helps ?☺️ I really like it!! Thanks THM ❤️

  2. Emily (verified owner)

    Wow! I bought this for headaches and body pain and I opened it right when I saw it in the mail because I had a headache, I rubbed it on my temples and forehead and within 2 minutes my headache was gone! Thank you so much, I’m hoping it works the same for my back pain.

  3. Krystal

    Our 10 yr. old daughter has anxiety when trying to go to sleep. I started putting a little bit of the Chillax cream on the back of her neck & it’s calmed her down with in 5 minutes. We pray & then she is able to go to sleep. Wonderful stuff.

  4. Rebecca Wendt

    Does this cream contain ANY THC?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      The Chillax CBD Isolate Cream does not contain any THC.

  5. Aimee V

    I ordered this so that I could try to use less prescriptions to regulate my mood. I have very high stress levels and anxiety in this season of my life. I just put this on for the first time tonight while having a rough time getting the babies to sleep. WOW is all I can say. Within minutes (less than 5) I am relaxed and calm. This is my new best friend <3 Thank you THM!!

  6. kmp1961 (verified owner)

    Love this cream. I keep it in my purse at all times. At work when I feel stressed, or start to feel my BP rising I rub a small bit on and the calming effects are almost immediate. I have only ever had to use it twice in one day when I had a stress headache, this relieves my tension where a Tylenol didn’t. I also have a 13 year old who has bouts of anger, I rubbed some on the back of his neck when he was being fitful. He asked me what that was and I explained it was to calm him down. In less than 10 minutes he says I feel better can I have some more of that. I have used it several times since on him and it works every time.

  7. Kristyn Smith (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!!!!!!!!
    I had to have a cesarean due to my baby that flipped breached somewhere between my last midwife appointment and going into labor. This stuff has helped my recovery so much! I would rub it on and feel considerably better within minutes. I had the surgery two days ago as I write this and the hospital staff was extremely impressed on how fast I was recovering. Since I’ve arrived home I have been able to abstain from pain meds. Happily bonding with my little one at home and enjoying a incredible recovery.
    I have also been consuming very generous amounts of collagen and other natural things to help my body recover.

  8. Morgan

    Can I use this specific product while breastfeeding or pregnant?

  9. Tracy VanPatten (verified owner)

    I can’t get past the smell, the catnip is really strong, not sure why they needed that in this cream, this was my first time ever trying something like this for my lower back pain but the smell is so strong.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Thank you for your feedback, Tracy. Because the herbs, such as catnip are infused the individual scents are nearly indistinguishable. One of the benefits of catnip is the calming effect that it can have on the body. Catnip contains nepetalactone, which is similar to the valepotriates found in a commonly used herbal sedative, valerian. This can improve relaxation, which may boost mood and reduce anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness.

  10. Ginger (verified owner)

    This helps me get a good nights rest. But what is amazing is that it completely stops severe car sickness for my eight year old Granddaughter. Every time we travel we used to stop at least once for her to throw up. Not anymore. We use about 1/32 to 1/8 teaspoon and she does not even get nauseated. Have read that catnip is very helpful for stomach problems and is good for kids. Thanks for such a great product!

  11. Amanda

    Can I use this in conjunction with the Feminine Balance oil or should I stick to one?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      You can use them together but may need to tweak your dose to suit your needs. Perhaps take the Feminine Balance in the morning and Chillax in the evening to help you wind down from the day. Whatever combo works best for you!

  12. Lynda (verified owner)

    Love this product! I use it in the morning and evening. Love that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, I can apply make-up with no oily feeling either.

  13. Donna

    I check all the time and it is never available, are you still making it?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Yes we are still making it and are working hard to get it back in stock just as soon as possible

  14. Shannon (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, although I love this product, I cannot use it. It makes me feel sick and every time I use it (I’ve tried at least 5 times) I wake up feeling nauseous and strange. It can’t be the CBD because I use other products with CBD in it and haven’t had any problems. I’m thinking it may be the catnip? All the other ingredients are in other products I use.
    Having said this, I love the consistency and how it feels!
    I wish I was able to use it!

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We are so sorry that you are experiencing adverse reactions to the Chillax cream. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what may be causing these issues since it could vary from one person to another. It is quite possible that an individual might have an allergy or sensitivity to one or more of the herbal ingredients in the blend and may need to discontinue use. You may want to consider the Pure & Classic CBD Isolate Formula.

  15. Molly Braaten

    What is your return policy if it doesnt work?

  16. Susan Polson

    Love thm

  17. Elise Vickers (verified owner)

    So I got this and use it a few nights a week on my face. I figured it would help calm me before bed and I’d get the added benefits of an acne fighting moisturizer. I love it!

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