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ESSENTIAL is a custom blend of pure essential amino acids that provide the highest bioavailable protein. When properly compounded, essential amino acids feed muscles, cut fat, fuel your workouts, amp up the protein in your meals and snacks, enhance mental focus, and help you live a more active lifestyle.

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Product Description

ESSENTIAL is a custom blend of pure essential amino acids that provide the highest bioavailable protein. When properly compounded, essential amino acids feed muscles, cut fat, fuel your workouts, amp up the protein in your meals and snacks, enhance mental focus, and help you live a more active lifestyle. Convenient and refreshing – simply add to water and shake or stir well to combine. Now you can easily add protein to any meal that is lacking.


  • Dissolve 1 scant tablespoon of ESSENTIAL powder into a small amount of water and stir well.
  • Add more water, as desired, and stir again.
  • You can choose to use as little or as much water as you wish.
  • Use less water if you would rather chug it down in a swallow or two.
  • EAA powder can take a while to dissolve, but you can drink it while it is not completely dissolved.
  • Alternatively, use a shaker bottle to mix.

ESSENTIAL Benefits: 

  • Helps body composition by raising lean body mass which cuts fat
  • Pre- or post-workout fuel
  • 90 bio-equivalent grams of protein in just one scant TBSP serving
  • Swift muscle replenishment with 3 grams of liposomal leucine
  • Amps protein in any meal or snack
  • Fights loss of lean body mass and insulin resistance
  • Gentle on kidneys and vegan-based
  • Suitable for athletes requiring large amounts of supportive protein
  • Helps aging adults with energy and recovery
  • Excellent for those who are injured or convalescing and at risk of muscle loss from inactivity
  • Gluten Free and non-GMO

Suggested Storage: Our ESSENTIAL Amino Acid Powder is shelf stable at room temperature and is best to be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and heat. We do not recommend storing it in the refrigerator.

As is, these products are an FP per serving. Adding additional ingredients may change the fuel of your prepared treats.

Click image for a downloadable recipe!

Proprietary Essential Amino Acid Blend: Leucine (3g, 20%), L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tryptophan, L-Histidine

Other Ingredients: Glycine, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor, Organic Stevia Extract Powder, L-Arginine, Sunflower Lecithin, and Soluble Fiber

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, wheat, and soy.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What Are Essential Amino Acids?

Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein. “Essential” means they are not made in your body. You must get them from your diet to build muscle, repair your body, enhance your energy, and support your immune system. Each essential amino acid in this powder is uniquely formulated in the correct proportions to trigger optimal muscle synthesis for lean body mass enhancement.

Perfect Post-Workout

So … why not just eat a chicken breast then? We hope you do! ESSENTIAL doesn’t replace all your regular meal proteins. They’re still important.  But everything in its perfect time and place. The post-exercise window when your torn muscles are screaming for protein nourishment is the perfect time for ESSENTIAL. Most of us don’t feel like chewing through a large hunk of protein right after working out but even if you do, while waiting for that meat to get digested, your muscles will have to catabolize (break down) precious muscle tissue for recovery. ESSENTIAL is like lightning to the scene, your muscles get fully saturated with all the protein they need in short order and any leftover goes to work on other needs in your body. A piece of meat, while being a good protein source is a slow protein mover to your muscles (and can also feel like lead in your belly in your immediate post-workout window). Whey protein and other protein powders are excellent muscle fuelers and they still have our blessing for the post-workout window but they’re not as quick to replenish your muscles after a workout as ESSENTIAL is. It would take more than a half cup of whey to give you anywhere close to the protein amount ESSENTIAL gives you with just one scant tablespoon. And with that much whey, some of it may get stored, with ESSENTIAL all of it is used by your body.

Pre-Workout Fire!

ESSENTIAL can also be a great pre-workout fuel. It is especially beneficial for those times when you must work out before breakfast. Studies show that we perform best when our muscles are not running on an empty tank after fasting overnight. ESSENTIAL provides energy and just what your muscles need to be in top form when jumping from the bed into your sneakers. It will sustain you through your workout and allow you more time to eat breakfast when you’re good and ready.

Top 2 Ways ESSENTIAL is Unique

Essential is a whole new, cutting-edge EAA formula that is the first of its kind. Here are the two main ways it stands out from the crowd.

1 – Full 3-gram Leucine Bolus

Sadly, most essential amino acid formulas do not have a full leucine bolus. Bolus just refers to the amount of leucine. Why is this important? Leucine is the muscle-building boss of all essential amino acids. Without sufficient amounts of it, you simply can’t build muscle. You might have protein for other needs in your body, but your lean body mass will be left wasting away. An optimal essential amino acid formula should contain a minimum of 2 grams of leucine, but 3 grams is far more optimal, and studies show this is the amount of leucine that is best after working out. There is a full 3-gram bolus of leucine in every serving of ESSENTIAL.

2 – Liposomal Delivery System

ESSENTIAL is designed with a proprietary ingredient system that is able to usher the EAAs into your muscle tissue with greater absorption. The addition of glycine, a very impressive yet non-essential amino acid, enables increased cellular uptake. The internal membrane of your body has several transport systems all of which use glycine as the main substrate of nutrient delivery into the cells. Among many other benefits, glycine is also effective at lowering several metabolic disorders associated with cardiovascular disease and is a fantastic lean body mass enhancer on its own.

To up the ante (which is something we love to do here at Trim Healthy) we have supported glycine’s delivery pathway by making our EAAs liposomal. All nine of our free-form essential amino acids are liposomally encapsulated to allow for optimum absorption. Liposomal supplementation has increased power to access the lymphatic pathway in your intestines which increases dose effectiveness.

ESSENTIAL’s delivery system is designed not only to be highly bioavailable and thoroughly absorptive, but it also comes with a gentle braking system to ever so slightly slow down and lengthen its efficacy. Yes, the beauty of EAAs is their ability to bypass digestion and act like lightning into your muscles, but our proprietary formula lengthens this window of repair with just the right amount of prebiotic soluble fiber. Fiber allows this action to be sustained longer for more stimulus to muscle tissue. The end result is still much faster than whey protein but now instead of just lightning… we have sustained lightning.

Fights Loss of Lean Body Mass and Insulin Resistance

If you’re past the age of 35 (and especially if you’re a female in peri or post-menopausal years) ESSENTIAL can help you meet the higher protein needs your body requires. When muscle declines with age and/or hormone loss, your metabolism slows, and insulin resistance rises. (Sadly, insulin resistance and low muscle tone are conditions that are now becoming widespread even in younger populations. Many in their twenties or even younger can benefit from EAA supplementation.)

Seems like we’re using the word “muscle” a lot. Let’s be clear that we are not just about supporting the aesthetics of toned muscle. Most of us are not interested in looking like competitive bodybuilders. Muscle’s importance goes far beyond just having “big guns.” When you lose muscle (particularly the muscle in your lower body) you lose your fat-burning power. Health-wise, muscle is now considered a secretory endocrine organ by scientists who have found that it releases “myokines”, substances that affect the health of every other organ in your body. Your heart, gut, liver, brain, and all the rest of your organs are adversely affected when muscle mass depletes. Muscles are also part of your immune system and shelter stores of T cells which are your strongest internal weapons for fighting disease. The “whys” could continue… muscle even fights dementia and aids our IQ!

To protect your muscles, you need more protein as you age than ever before. But there’s a problem… with muscle loss, you don’t have enough hungry muscle tissue to receive large amounts of food protein. Lackluster muscle tissue leaves unabsorbed protein in the bloodstream where it can sometimes be converted into blood sugar and get turned into more fat.

ESSENTIAL is designed to help restore your much-needed metabolic tissue. Since it does not rely on your insulin pathway, none of the protein gets left in your bloodstream. All of it is put to good work. It is essentially a hack… You get lots of protein for just a little amount of powder and all of it gets used!

This doesn’t mean you won’t eat your regular protein foods like eggs, fish, and chicken anymore. You need whole food proteins because they provide your body with important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. You can still eat nice, palm-sized portions of these in your meals. But to get to the higher protein requirements your body is begging for, when you supplement with ESSENTIAL, your muscles get every drop of help they need. (Of course, strength training along with ingesting ample protein is the most efficient way to build back lost muscle.)

People over 65 are at greatest risk of becoming feeble from lost muscle and less ability to effectively exercise. The need for essential amino acids rises even further at this age since digestion is also weakened. Since ESSENTIAL bypasses digestion, it is a wonderful protein source for aging adults and can help strengthen aging immune systems.

Optimize Your Snacks and Meals!

ESSENTIAL can help keep ample protein servings coming in throughout your day, even when you are not hungry for a big “meat and three” option. Mid-morning and afternoon snack time can be supplemented with this hack. On occasion, you might just want something light for a snack light like a piece of fruit, now with Essential you can still nicely furnish your muscles. Just mix some into your water bottle or glass and chug or drink it down and now you have a smart snack anchored around protein. Or perhaps you just want a sweet potato and some roasted broccoli for your lunch. You don’t have a lean protein on hand. What to do? Your protein can be there, right next to your meal with ESSENTIAL.

Eating basic food protein is still crucial but you don’t have to worry about frequent use of ESSENTIAL. It is up to your budget. You can save it for just fueling your workouts, or use it whenever needed throughout your day. Just always keep in mind that you still need the micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that whole-food proteins provide. These foods also are more calorie-dense than EAAs (ESSENTIAL only contains 2 calories per serving so it should not be considered a full meal replacement). We suggest a beautiful balance. Don’t completely replace your whole food proteins with it but use it when meals or snacks are lacking in protein. We suggest a limit of two to three servings of ESSENTIAL per day and perhaps reduce it to just one to two servings if you are frequently using any of our other optimized proteins.

The Taste?

If you’re familiar with EAA formulas you know that essential amino acids have a strong… let’s just say… far from wonderful taste! Leucine (the muscle boss EAA) is particularly nasty. Thankfully, this is not the case with ESSENTIAL. Even with including a full 3-gram leucine bolus, our proprietary process has masked the strong taste. Our food scientist achieved this by using a natural citrus flavor along with glycine as a two-fold enhancer. Not only does glycine benefit the delivery system and enhance muscle recovery, but it also has a pleasant taste and sweet taste without raising your blood sugar.

On a personal level, in the last few years, we’ve tried a great many EAA formulas. In comparison, we absolutely love the taste of ESSENTIAL. If you think it is delicious like we do, you can enjoy it in a full glass of water. If you’re meh about the flavor, or just want to get your dose in quickly, mix with just a shot-size amount of water, chug, and then chase with more water. Another option is to add one of our Trim Healthy Hydrates flavors when you mix.


The term “bio-equivalent” simply means you get all the benefits that would occur had you consumed a certain number of protein grams (depending upon the EAA formula).

You’ll notice that no protein number is listed on the supplement facts for ESSENTIAL. This is because essential amino acids are a further step down the protein line… they are the essence of what protein offers your body. You could look at regular protein like a truck carrying a load of essential amino acids. These acids must be unloaded by your digestive system and then uploaded into your muscles by your insulin hormone. Essential amino acids are the load itself. They don’t require the truck. A scant tablespoon serving size of ESSENTIAL is equal to what 90 grams of protein does in your body work and repair-wise.

ESSENTIAL can count toward your daily protein goal, however, it is important to keep in mind that protein grams per meal or snack are far more important than any daily total number. Four protein fuelings per day of a minimum of 25 grams are what research has revealed to be the most effective method for protecting and refueling your lean body mass. ESSENTIAL is swiftly absorbed into your muscles and utilized quickly so you still need to make sure to get your other important protein fuelings throughout your day. This will still be important even if you exceed your personal protein number goal sooner than your 4th meal by counting ESSENTIAL as its full 90 grams. If you use two full ESSENTIAL servings in a day, that amounts to 180 grams. You don’t have to worry about going over your protein goal by using ESSENTIAL because essential amino acids do not have negative side effects in your body but rather a plethora of positive ones. If super high daily totals bother you, you can instead simply count each serving of ESSENTIAL as complete which is 25 grams.

Any time of day is fine! Some experience a nice energy boost so you might want to consider not taking it in the evening if you feel it might impede your sleep. Others have said that it seems to help them sleep better! Find your own best groove! We (Pearl and Serene) generally take it mid-morning as this is right after we work out. But we take it at this same time on mornings when we don’t work out as well. Therefore, we take it daily and sometimes more than once a day as we also use it for meals or snacks with low or no protein.

While eating basic food protein is still crucial, you don’t have to worry about frequent use of ESSENTIAL. It is safe and healthy, so it is all up to your budget. You can save it for just fueling your workouts, or use it whenever needed throughout your day. Just always keep in mind that you still need the micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that whole-food proteins provide. These foods also are more calorie-dense than EAAs; ESSENTIAL only contains 2 calories per serving so it should not be considered a full meal replacement, you need enough calories to sustain your metabolism. We suggest a beautiful balance. Don’t completely replace your whole food proteins with it but use it when meals or snacks are lacking in protein. We suggest a limit of two to three servings of ESSENTIAL per day and perhaps reduce it to just one to two servings (or more half sized servings) if you are frequently using any of our other optimized proteins.

We don’t recommend using ESSENTIAL alone as a meal or snack as it does not have enough calories. Going too low in daily calories can lower metabolism and hinder sustainable fat loss. Use it as more of a supplement or meal helper.

We suggest a full serving post-workout but for any meal that has some protein (but not a full 25 grams worth which is what you need), you can do a half serving of ESSENTIAL. Say your meal is broccoli and a sweet potato which has little to no protein. In this case, you will want the full or close to full serving to get your 3-gram bolus of leucine for the sake of your lean body mass.

Studies have shown that essential amino acids work wonderfully to help stabilize blood sugar and prevent spiking after a meal. However, each person is unique and blood sugar levels greatly depend upon your current state of blood sugar stability and what foods you pair with ESSENTIAL.

For many, ESSENTIAL is energizing, and while most people won’t experience fatigue, here are two reasons that certain people might.

1: LEA – which stands for Low Energy Available. Essential only has 2 calories for a full serving. Let’s say you use it as a snack and don’t eat enough other calories for your snack, you may not have enough calories to fuel your energy needs. Women are very susceptible to LEA.  If you are prone to energy slumps… add food when you use ESSENTIAL.

2: Glycine – ESSENTIAL uses glycine as part of the proprietary delivery system. Glycine also has important lean body mass fueling benefits of its own. There is a good dose of glycine in the formula. Glycine is calming. For those who may be sensitive… it may be too calming. It works on the GABA pathway in the brain. That is why, for people with ADHD, etc… it can be a wonderful supplement. If this is the case and the glycine is making you feel too calmed to the point of being overly tired… try taking it in the evening.

If it is fatigue-promoting for you, consider using it at night for repairs while you sleep and find another form of protein for when you work out… our Optimized whey or Plant protein would be good. They have other food-based amino acids in them, which would help negate an LEA state and less glycine overall.

ESSENTIAL is plant-based and vegan!

Because we use select essential amino acids that are not denatured with heat, unlike certain proteins, it is perfectly acceptable to use ESSENTIAL in hot drinks.

It is normal for essential amino acids to take their time dissolving. You will get the fastest results if you shake in a bottle rather than stir. If you would rather stir and prefer the powder to be fully dissolved before drinking (it doesn’t have to be fully dissolved to be utilized) then wait several more seconds after stirring the first time, stir again, wait for another few seconds and you should have your desired result.

It all depends on what you want to use it for. If you are in your post-workout window, best to just mix it with water and chug it down. But for meals and snacks, ESSENTIAL can be mixed into kefir, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Keep in mind it has a mild citrus taste so it might not work well with chocolate or peanut butter flavors.

While we have tried many brands that are quite horrible, we find the lightly sweetened citrus flavor of ESSENTIAL to be pleasant and tasty.  If you’re not crazy about the flavor, or just want to get your dose in quickly, mix with a smaller amount of water (4-6 ounces), chug it, then chase with more water. Any on-plan flavoring is perfectly fine to use and mixing it with lemon juice and a doonk of stevia is delightful! Another option is to add one of our Trim Healthy Hydrates flavors when you mix.

It depends on your reasons for using ESSENTIAL. If post-workout fueling, you want it in fast so delaying your muscle repair by sipping for hours is not a good idea. Get it down fast! If you are using it as added protein to your meal, a similar idea applies… you certainly don’t have to chug it with your meal, but you don’t want to take hours to drink it. Finish it up when you finish your meal. However, if you want to add it to an All Day Sipper to keep a steady flow of essential amino acids coming in all day, that is fine. It is not digested like a food fuel, so it won’t interfere with digestion or your metabolic cycle.

We always want children and teens to get necessary vitamins and minerals from whole foods when they can, and we wouldn’t want ESSENTIAL to replace all their food protein. Some children, however, can be finicky eaters and may not always get the nutrients they need. A half serving of ESSENTIAL for small children or a full serving for teens can be a great way for them to have the building blocks to grow with strength and energy and a fantastic way to fuel sporting activities or strength training. Obtaining a healthy body composition (fat to muscle) early in life can influence their adult life. Making sure they get ample lean muscle as a child can have a positive impact on their metabolic future. All ingredients are considered safe and healthy for children.

We’d rather you focus on whole-food protein sources so you and your baby can get all the minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients that you can during this season. While many women report fantastic pregnancies using EAAs, we believe pregnancy should be a time for nurturing your baby rather than focusing on gaining back lean body mass. Protein is so important during pregnancy. Whole food sources may have smaller amounts of bioavailable protein than EAAs, however, they contain more overall nutrients. For post-workout, we think pregnant women may be best suited to our Pristine Whey Protein isolate. Having said this, many women struggle with protein intake during pregnancy so ESSENTIAL may be of help in certain cases, please talk it over with your medical practitioner.

Less caution is needed when breastfeeding, however, we advise not going over one serving a day. We don’t want you to neglect other proteins that you need in the form of whole foods for making breast milk.

The free-form amino acids in ESSENTIAL have more than five times the bioavailability of regular forms of protein which provides extremely high bio-equivalent amounts of protein from just one serving. And you’ll do this without kidney strain. Some research has even shown that an essential amino acid supplement may help patients stop the progression of renal failure. Using ESSENTIAL is like getting the protein amounts from eating a massive steak or chicken breast but in just one tablespoon! And you don’t have to chew anything or burn all those additional calories. Free-form amino acids are already broken down into their most basic form, so your body does not have to rely on the digestion pathway, and your kidneys are not taxed.

All essential amino acids in this formula are tested for heavy metals and must always pass with flying colors. Sadly, many other EAA formulas are derived from sub-standard sources of amino acids. (We know this because it took us a long time to find a high-quality source of pure amino acids).

Customer Reviews

  1. C. Russell (verified owner)

    I add a heaping tsp to my morning Yerba mate! Delish & quick protein for my 67-y-o self! [Tried your men’s (WOD Recovery) EAA, but it was not as good – have to add some ascorbic acid to get the lovely citrusy taste.]

  2. Mary (verified owner)

    EEAs have literally given me my life back!!! I’m 63 and for the past year struggling at my job, which requires lots of physical work and being on my feet 6 hours. Now I can do the work much more easily, feel stronger, have less muscle soreness with quicker recovery, have more energy and less fatigue, and sleep has improved significantly! I am so delighted, and it’s such a relief of the improvement and difference this has made to function and feel younger again. I take it after breakfast before work and then again after returning from work. Thank you so much for selling this product! Now I don’t want to be without it!!

  3. Deanna Carlton (verified owner)

    This is delicious and refreshing. Thank you for caring about taste! I’ve had amino acids that were very unpleasant and made them difficult to take. Drinking this powder feels like joy – I will look forward to it after every work out. Thank you!

  4. SusanW (verified owner)

    I was so excited about these aminos and purchased 2 bags. They taste good and they are easy to use. However, and this is on me, I didn’t pay attention to the ingredients when I purchased and they contain citric acid which gives me hives. I am so sad that I can’t use these. I have tried with a very small amount, like 1/4 of the serving size and my body still cannot tolerate it so I gave them to my husband and son. Lucky guys.

  5. Leana Eastty

    Tastes delicious! Seeing a great benefit from it! I can tell when I do and don’t take it from soreness and as an added bonus it helps my milk supply! My body is loving these EAAS!!! Now just need to keep them in stock : )

  6. Tammy (verified owner)

    Love the taste. Have never used this type of product before. Definitely well continue to buy.

  7. Kristi

    Is there any chance this product will be coming out without stevia in it for the many of us who are allergic? Unsweetened would be a great option. 🙂

  8. Shannon Benton

    I can’t wait til I can order more! I had never tried EAAs before so I had nothing to compare it too when I first tried the THM EAA. But since I used up my supply ofTHM, I tried 2 different brands that I could get locally from health food stores. I was shocked at how much different the THM product was. I knew I would order more THM but thought I could use a different brand to tie me over until my new supply came. No such luck!! I LOVE the THM EAA. It tastes wonderful – I mix it with fizzy water and a little bit of lemon/lime juice and drink it first thing in the morning. It helps with my appetite and I really noticed a difference in my workouts. Please have more available soon!!!

  9. Angie Lay

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I add it along with 2 T. ACV and 2 T. baobab boost with water and ice in a large mason jar. I sip on it over the hour and it gives me so much energy. I call this my “drinky-drink” and my body totally craves this drink daily. I usually drink it along with my first meal of the day between 11-1. I’m currently on the waiting list to order more. Thanks for bringing us such a brilliant product.

  10. Deborah Wrigley (verified owner)

    THANK YOU, THM, for NOT putting any alcohol sweeteners (Erythritol) in this product — my body tolerates stevia just fine, but the other THM sweeteners cause me to have severe intestinal distress. Thus I’m VERY THRILLED to be able to use this new product since it is ONLY sweetened with stevia!
    In about 4-6 oz of water, the taste is just fine. I use it post-workout as a postmenopausal woman intent on keeping lean muscle mass. I can’t wait to see what difference this makes in my body. I’m still in the difficult stage of adapting to the many changes menopause has caused in my body and metabolism, and trying to figure out my new optimal lifestyle ; D

  11. sharon lehew

    While I like the product for what it is and does, It is way TOO SWEET for me. Don’t think I can buy it again just based on that.

  12. lifeisbeautiful428 (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow!
    When I first heard the sister is talking about this product I was a little skeptical. I tried others and they just didn’t seem to be working and tasted disgusting! This not only tastes very delicious but my body craves it now everyday. Thanks for delivering another wonderful product.

  13. Jason (verified owner)

    I am only one week in (consuming early morning and early afternoon) and already noticing positive effects – primarily no more afternoon crashes (fatigue).

    I am 51 and have issues with my pancreas/digestion, and I believe this has made a tremendous improvement in my energy level and vitality.

    In the morning, I have it in a mixed fruit smoothie with almond milk and baobab. It’s amazing.

    In the afternoon, I have been having it with a cup of hot tea (reminds me of a hot Arnold Palmer)

  14. Teresa Smith

    I just started using this product and hope to gain energy along with more muscle mass.

  15. mbarrett0330

    I just got mine. I pre-ordered after the first time it sold out and the wait was about 6 weeks, so for now, I’m writing this review for only one reason: the taste. I have taken EAAs before, and I usually tell people it’s like drinking battery acid. I can handle a lot, but EAAs have a very bad taste. It’s hard to even just chug in a small shot glass and it’s something I would dread to the point I couldn’t be consistent with it. So opening the THM Essential bag, seeing the plain white powder, I felt a lot of trepidation. But it was needless! The flavor is light and *almost* good. It’s like unsweetened lemon water with maybe a slight powdery aftertaste (and I mean SLIGHT.) No trouble sipping it down in a full 16 oz of water. No gagging or making faces. If it works (and I’m really, really hopeful it does!) then it’s a game changer simply because it’s so palatable compared to all it’s competitors.

  16. Donna Berkley (verified owner)

    I am trying it. It has a lovely light lemon-lime taste that is pleasant to drink in water. I have been taking it twice a day since the pre-release sale and do feel like it has helped both my energy and sleep. I would definitely like to keep using it.

    I wish there were more info on the packaging about how many grams of each amino acid it has though so I can compare it to other brands. I just want to know that it’s comparable. Good product ladies ! I hope you can keep it in stock.

  17. Coach TJ ❤

    It is awesome, guys! I had the joy of testing some. It has a light, tangy, citrusy flavor with a slight bit of sweetness. It is not overpowering at all, so makes it easy to drink it down (I do not like baobab because it is too strong, this is nowhere near like that). Dissolves easily, so no clumps or texture. And it boosts your energy!

  18. Crissy

    Is collagen and essential amino acids the same thing?

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      While our Integral Collagen does contain essential amino acids, ESSENTIAL also contains additional amino acids which helps fight loss of lean body mass and insulin resistance.

  19. romansroad (verified owner)

    Essential is essential! I haven’t been this excited for a new product in a long time. 🏆 I love the refreshing citrus taste of this amazing product! ❤

  20. Anna Leonard (verified owner)

    I am so excited I got to try the Essential Amino Acids! I’m usually a no frills gal, I need simple and easy so I LOVE that I can just scoop a little into my water bottle as I run out the door to do farm chores. It has a slightly sour flavor which really just tastes like there is a slice of lemon in my water. (Although I HAVE mixed it with a hot apple “cider” tea )
    I really feel like I have more “umph” behind me when I drink it … I have 5 kids (1yr-10yrs) we homeschool and I Co sleep and nurse all night long 😴 mama needs some extra “umph” that isn’t caffeine driven! I believe I probably have a bit of adrenal fatigue b/c when I’m under a lot of extra stress for example traveling I can get an achy feeling like I’m coming down with a bug, the last time I had that feeling I had just received the EAA so I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try it and see how it helped … in less than 1hr the achy run down feeling had completely disappeared and I could not only function I had left over energy in the tank to tackle some things around the house! (HUGE difference…I usually just have to spend the day in bed to let my body recoup when that achy feeling hits)
    A big plus for me is that they are compatible with my DF diet!
    This is really going to be an essential part of my pantry b/c truly this Mama doesn’t have time to be dragging. Thank you Serene and Pearl for putting in the time to research and formulate these EAA and for educating us on them…

  21. Phabiana Andrade (verified owner)

    I have been waiting for a product like this!!! Yes, essential amino acids (EAAs) have been on the market forever but I never found a “clean” version that actually does what it’s supposed to do oh & actually tastes pretty good, until now!!! Usually when you find EAAs they are filled with sugar & just don’t carry the “weight” they are supposed to. I liked to use these EAAs as a pre workout because it gives me energy to get through my workout & it makes my workout even better! Take it from someone who wakes up at 4:30am to get her workout in that this product is legit & worth every penny!

  22. Aimee Lalime

    I love to mix this in a glass of water with a little bit of stevia and baobab. Tasty and good for me! I also mix it in smoothies and don’t notice it at all. 🙂

  23. KJ York

    Sooooo loving this product! It’s the best post workout recover drink I’ve ever tried. Significant difference in aches and pains post workout when drinking EEA during and after workout.

  24. Tamara S

    I enjoy the subtle orange flavor, and it’s not too sweet. The best part is the impact it has had on my workout routine! By the time I’m done I feel GREAT! I get a great workout and still have energy to start my day. I can’t wait to see how it impacts my muscles over time, but so far I can’t compain.

  25. susanjwhittaker

    I workout first thing in the morning (6am) so I have been using this product before my strength workouts and it helps with my energy and alertness throughout the day after drinking it. Building muscle is at the top of my list as a 59 year old post-menopausal woman. I have been using it sparingly, not knowing when I could get more. I can’t wait to see the long-term affects from being able to use it consistently. It tastes great too-and that’s coming from someone who’s picky about taste! Great product!!

  26. Sarah Truitt (verified owner)

    I love the EAA. I’ve been using it after my workouts, so thankful to know I have another incredible protein source from Trim Healthy to bulk up my protein consumption and help me stay healthy and strong. I love the light citrus flavor, it’s also great for hydration. Thank you for another great product! ❤️

  27. Sylvia

    This was great! I am not an athletic person and I received it about two weeks before attempting an extreme ropes course with my teenager and some of her friends. I took it once or twice a day in those two weeks, as well as immediately before and after doing the ropes course. I had a blast and lasted a lot longer on the course than some of the younger moms who I would have thought were in better shape than me!

    My favorite way to have it is in fruity kefir shakes, but I also like it as just a quick shot -style drink, mixed with only an ounce or two of water.

  28. Amy (verified owner)

    One year ago…. I began tracking some stats using my Fittrack Smart Scale from Amazon. I began adding my THM choc whey + water as a post-workout recovery. I have grand plans of going to my gym 3 days a week, BUT most weeks, it ends up only 2 times!! I don’t push myself very hard and I eat what I would call normal THM meals throughout my week.
    So for about 10 months, I added the whey + water, THEN came Trim Healthy Essentials!! So excited to see how much this helps y’all!! I have been using it as my pre-workout along with a packet of THM hydrate mix. I add Essentials and a Hydrate to a shaker bottle with water and some ice. I shake shake shake and then sip on it before and during my workout.
    In 1 year, I have gained 1.6 pounds on the scale, BUT I gained 9.5 pounds of muscle!! Meaning I lost 7.9 pounds of fat. Whoop Whoop!!! Building lean muscle is at the top of my priority list and now I know that I have a game plan for the long haul!! Thank you THM!!

  29. MIKE WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Ladies, Can I just say “ESSENTIAL”…. 👏 🙌
    ( Praise God Hallelujah)
    I was blessed with a sample to test this product and has been a game changer and my work outs, and other bonuses too.
    But my workouts first. Getting older comes with aches… joints, muscles…for instance.
    So after a normal hour workout, oh the muscle craps, aches but I’d push through.
    I tried ESSENTIAL as my workout drink and wasn’t Long I was good tired, but then mind blown 🤯 when i realized 😳 my knees weren’t aching and craps ceased. Pre to ESSENTIAL, I would make normally a THM protein shake and we know how full they make you, and not suggesting to stop those, but ESSENTIAL is workout beneficial without that FULL STOMACH feeling.
    Call me crazy 🤪, some 😆🤣, but My Hair is healthier and didn’t pay attention because I can’t see the back as much, But I’ve gotten compliments on my hair Like, “WOW GIRL YOUR HAIRS GOTTEN SO LONG” . I color my hair, normally every 6-8 weeks, and 4 weeks I think my roots were screaming 😱 Time to touch up. 😆

    SO I highly recommend ESSENTIAL, and since I had a sample, I’m looking forward to the launch to get me a bag to see what other benefits I’m gonna reap.

    It has a not too sweet citrus taste, tart but I love tart…
    Great in Smoothies, GGMS…these are my 2 top favorite uses.

    Pearl and Serene Allison , God Bless them both and their Team for always looking for amazing products to benefit out Bodies.

  30. Caring Stover

    LOVE this product!! This product has exceeded all my expectations. It has a fantastic light orangy taste. My body felt energized and fueled after consistently using this. I am thrilled to have another great protein option. I often work out first thing in the morning and don’t want to eat a substantial breakfast first. This is perfect for my pre-workout fuel. I highly recommend this product!

  31. lexiemcneill

    The Trim Healthy EAAs have been perfect for my pre-workout! I often want something in my stomach but don’t want a full stomach. The EAAs keep me full and give me a good boost of energy for my workouts (not to mention all the other benefits). I’m only giving it a 4 star because the taste isn’t great in my opinion (but I don’t love citrus flavor in general). It dissolves well with lots of stirring, and I simply gulp it down with a straw about 30 minutes before I do heavy lifting!

  32. Kelly Rackley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I’ve always been afraid to try amino acids because I heard about how disgusting they tasted…but the EAAs are delicious. They taste like a bite of citrus fruit! Thank you for making such an amazing product!

  33. Jasmine Tarter (verified owner)

    So impressed with this! This was my first time ever using an essential amino acid. I’ve tried it a few different ways. It has a strong citrus flavor. It doesn’t dissolve super well, BUT the benefits! After going to the gym in the afternoons and drinking this, when getting home, I noticed a huge difference in how I felt and my appetite later in the day too. I have been satisfied with smaller portions for supper after using this, and Yes, it wasn’t just a one time experiment! I will absolutely be ordering more of this. Thank you Trim Healthy for this great product.

    P.S. If the taste bothers you, you can hide it in kefir really well. I’ve been doing it just in water to drink it right away after working out, but kefir is a great way to cover up the flavor if you don’t care for that.

  34. Lisa D

    Most EAAs are way over sweetened to mask their flavor. This is mild and pleasant, and such a great way to supplement the plant proteins in your life, especially post-menopause!

  35. Cathryn Larkin

    This product exceeded my expectations!! I have been dealing with various health issues with all sorts of symptpms, including debilitating exhaustion. I have been drinking a serving once or twice a day, and have gotten energy and strength, no brain fog, concentration and focus is awesome, less pain, sleeping better, gut healing too.
    I feel like I’m getting my life back! I’ve been able to walk regularly, with greater accomplishments, I’m doing more in my daily life, and even started exercising again! Recovery after exercising has been fantastic, my skin is improving, and my muscles, which had been wasting, is toning up well!! I feel like I’m aging backwards!!
    Essential is a blessing in my life, and I’m so thankful!!

  36. terrilenhart (verified owner)

    For quite some time I’ve felt left out of the protein powder crowd. Really, I have been! Basically any protein powder that we use on THM causes a reaction in my sensitive body, and I cannot tolerate them for one reason or another.

    I was able to test Essential, and had real concerns that my body wouldn’t tolerate this one either. I tried it at first, and it seemed OK. Then I tried it again, then again, and again, and every single time I did just fine! The flavor is light and lovely, and even mixes very well into fruit smoothies, but is also pleasant on its own.

    Now what did it do for me? I’ve been struggling for a while now with some complicated stress and grief issues–which have caused lowered energy, a real struggle in having motivation to exercise, body aches, and willpower in eating the best way for my body. With Essential, energy was up, my mood was vastly improved, and my normal willpower was back! The scale has started moving down some again, and exercise has become a time of joy, respite, and excitement–I even enjoy seeing how I can push myself in a workout! My muscles have toned, my sleep is deeper, and I’m enjoying eating the on-plan foods that make my sensitive body feel best.

    Really, it almost feels like a dream that this powder has come my way! I’m so grateful!

  37. Melinda Martin (verified owner)

    I LOVE it! It tastes good and dissolves easily.
    I have more energy during my workouts and recover more quickly!
    I’m seeing a difference in the amount of muscle tone I’m actually building.
    It’s an easy protein source if I just need a bit more to hold me over.
    This will definitely always be in my THM orders from now on!

  38. Crystal

    This stuff is legit! It’s great to add extra protein when your meal is lacking, terrific when you’re on the go and it really helps with post workout soreness. I’m losing my “batwings” faster than before with using this.

  39. Dana McCutchan

    THE best EAA I’ve ever had! I love this for how quickly I can bump up my protein intake each day AND get a little boost in energy. The taste is citrusy with a slight sweetness, so I do add a little extra sweetener (I like things super sweet! 😉)

    This is worth every penny and it’ll last you a bit! Pearl and Serene have done it again giving us a high quality, affordable product.

  40. Elizabeth

    It tastes good and dissolves easy! So excited to start building muscles back! Thank you

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