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Now WHEY better! Trim Healthy Optimized Whey has taken the tried-and-true benefits of our traditional pure crossflow micro-filtered (CFM) whey… the least denatured of all whey isolates, and amped up the goodness. All the blood sugar lowering, excess hunger suppressing, muscle building, belly fat shredding, and immune-enhancing merits of whey are now provided with extra “oomph” to make your body more of a burner!

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Product Description

Looking for our original unflavored
Pristine Whey Protein Powder?

Now WHEY better! Trim Healthy Optimized Whey has taken the tried-and-true benefits of our traditional pure crossflow micro-filtered (CFM) whey… the least denatured of all whey isolates, and amped up the goodness. All the blood sugar lowering, excess hunger suppressing, muscle building, belly fat shredding, and immune-enhancing merits of whey are now provided with extra “oomph” to make your body more of a burner!

With our science-based liposomal delivery system, whey’s remarkable biologically active peptides are now ushered into your muscle cells even faster. This allows for even better nutrient absorption and faster recovery of muscle tissue. Using the same serving size as our original whey isolate (just 4 Tbs) we have now achieved a 3-gram bolus of muscle synthesis triggering leucine. This is not attainable with regular whey at this serving size, but our goal was 3 grams of leucine because that is the amount research shows to be the most effective for rebuilding lean body mass. Your serving of Optimized Whey is now more anabolic with fewer calories. This makes it even leaner and meaner!

Optimized Whey now contains the bio-equivalence of 48 grams of protein. This means more effective protein support for your workouts and less muscle and tissue breakdown during times of stress. (Stress is a huge muscle killer!) It has more power to help sensitize your muscle cells to insulin, so rather than saying “no” to insulin, which happens more and more as you age, your muscles say, “Yes, please!” This results in overall lower blood sugar and less risk for pre- and type 2 diabetes. The addition of specific synergistic amino acids in Optimized Whey imparts higher immune activity with enhanced glutathione production. It is designed for better mind and body energy and enhanced mood support.

Our whey has always been lactose-free, but despite that, some folks find whey to be a little rumbly in their tummy. Whey protein shreds belly fat, but it can sometimes cause a bit of stomach bloat. Optimized Whey is designed to calm a distressed gut. The addition of a science-based bolus of the amino acid glycine helps whey go down easier and aids in soothing any gastrointestinal issues.

With all these benefits, Optimized Whey is a no-brainer, but we are also proud to say it is creamier and yummier than ever! So much more than a supplement, Optimized Whey is a “super supplement” that tastes amazingly more like a treat!

Classic Protein Milk or Shake
Use the following quick and easy recipe ideas for a delicious protein drink on the side of any meal or snack… OR as a full-protein post-workout recovery drink… OR as your full protein for a snack or meal. The full 4 Tbs is best if you have no other protein source in your meal. The 2 Tbs version is a great option if you already have some protein in your meal but want a filling boost. If you’d rather have a shake instead of milk, simply add ice or frozen berries and blend it up.

For a Full Protein Serving:

1 cup of your favorite nut milk
4 Tbs TH Optimized Whey Protein Powder, flavor of choice

For a Protein Boost Serving:

1 cup of your favorite nut milk
2 Tbs TH Optimized Whey Protein Powder, flavor of choice

Extra Delicious Chocolate Protein Boost Option (Pearl’s Fave):

1 cup of your favorite nut milk
2 Tbs TH Chocolate Optimized Whey Protein Powder
1-2 tsp cocoa powder
1-2 tsp TH Gentle Sweet
Pinch of TH Mineral Salt

Blend, shake, or stir well, and enjoy!

Note – Any flavor of our Optimized Whey Protein Powder can be added to kefir to make a delicious creamy probiotic treat or stirred into Greek yogurt to make a protein power-packed pick-me-up snack!





Mocha Secret Big Boy ~ Baby Smoothie (FP)

Espresso Truffle
Cake (S)

Optimized Chocolate Latte (FP)

Strawberry Fields Frozen Matcha (FP)

Happy Bites ~ Tart Strawberry (S)

StrawBAO Thick Shake (S, E, or FP)

Optimized Pristine Protein Mousse (FP)

Quicky-Quick Protein Power Balls (S)

One Minute Yogurt Bowl (FP or S)

Customer Reviews

  1. Kristin (verified owner)

    I have noticed that this new chocolate protein powder is much richer and almost more bitter then the original. I’ve had to mix the unflavored half and half with chocolate for it to not be so bitter and dark. It does not seem as creamy to me like some others have mentioned.

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      Thanks for your review. We are so sorry to hear that our new Chocolate Optimized Protein Whey missed the mark for you. Although it is quite popular with many customers, we realize that not all new flavors are going to be appealing to everyone. Perhaps try using a smaller amount if it seems a bit bitter to you. Hope that helps!

  2. Jennifer (verified owner)

    The strawberry is absolutely delicious! It tastes just like a milkshake. I make my shakes with frozen strawberries, Almond milk, the strawberry whey, baobab and fat free Greek yogurt. So yummy!

  3. Joan Carr (verified owner)

    I would have to agree with others that this is the yummiest whey protein I’ve ever had and it also doesn’t bother my stomach at all. The chocolate is my favorite so far, but I have yet to try the vanilla. I didn’t really care for the taste of the strawberry as a stand-alone drink just added to nut milk, but like it very much added to my Greek yogurt. I have been told by a naturopathic doctor that I need to add a lot more protein to my diet, so I really appreciate having the Optimized Whey Protein to turn to now for lots of extra protein without all the calories.

  4. Lisa (verified owner)

    The Chocolate is SO GOOD!
    The powder is finely ground and mixes easily with liquid with no clumping. So fast and easy!! The flavor is out of this world, my favorite protein powder out there, by far. Thank you for such an stounding product!

  5. Anna R. Burgett

    Oh, My Mercy THM Family! I just got my first order of Optimized Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, and it is amazing! I made first serving with a cup and a half almond milk and 4 tablespoons of the whey. It is absolutely delicious! This is going to help me so much to stay on plan. Well worth the money!

  6. Maraia.h (verified owner)

    The strawberry is UHmazing. I just cleared my first trimester – idk if I’m the only one that craves food I had as a kid when I’m pregnant? Like spaghettios sound so good? But strawberry milk?! With no bunny on the front?? It’s come to my rescue at 430 when lunch has vaporized and I need to make dinner. It tastes so good and actually satisfies and keeps me into dinner with just some almond milk and it can’t get any easier or faster to make. I’m not normally a big chocolate person but I have to try it. Thank you. It’s keeping cravings, ravenous eating, and needless weight gain at bay.

  7. Kerrie Kay (verified owner)

    I just tried the strawberry whey. It is delicious. I’ll definitely buy it again. Love the allulose sweetener.

  8. Jen Steele (verified owner)

    So disappointed. I have mixed the regular chocolate whey protein powder with my coffee every morning for years. That hasn’t been available for a long time. I wish it was still available. This stuff is sooooo expensive! And to me it is very bitter, almost sour in my coffee. I don’t know if it just brings out the bitter more or if there are some fruity notes that just don’t hit me right. I was hoping after spending so long developing this at the detriment of losing the other products it would be to die for. Now I have 3 bags and hope I can get used to the sour notes. I wanted it half the serving so it would last longer at this price point but it doesn’t work. Way too bitter. I just need a basic affordable yummy protein powder to put in my morning coffee. I’m not running marathons or anything, just trying to survive work and 4 kids. I want the old stuff back. 😭

    • Trim Healthy Mama

      We love adding the chocolate version to our coffee for delicious mocha and have had so many positive reviews! So sorry to hear that it doesn’t suit your palette. Have you tried one of the other fabulous recipes above?

  9. Tiffany Bennett (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite afternoon snack! It smells like chocolate cake when you first open the bag and it tastes so amazing! Thank you for making this!!!!

  10. Roshanda Smith (verified owner)

    I agree with Jessica, it’s the best I’ve ever had! So creamy and just the right amount of sweet. I for now, am only having it with almond milk for a quick protein recovery drink after working out but I’m sure I’m gonna have it with coffee.

  11. helpmerhonda1958 (verified owner)

    Love this product and how efficient it makes my morning fueling! The taste is the same thank goodness! Cannot wait to get vanilla. Thanks for developing this product.

  12. Shannan (verified owner)

    Whey GOOD.

    I was impressed by the taste of the chocolate Optimized Whey Protein. The perfect amount of sweet and SO creamy. The chocolate flavor is balanced and perfect for a big glass of ice cold chocolate milk. This whey is a very fine powder and not at all grainy. It mixes easily and doesn’t clump. Although it seems a bit pricey, you do get more bang for your buck. Only 1/4 cup is needed whereas the pristine whey took 1/3 cup for optimal results. We will definitely be watching for more flavors. Well done!

  13. Robin Farmer

    This optimized chocolate whey protein powder is the best! ! A protein powerful punch & it’s perfectly sweet & delicious! Just add a nut milk!

  14. Pam (verified owner)

    I just received my order and decided to try the simplest version first – Speedy Protein Milk. It is absolutely DELICIOUS and SO creamy! It does not need anything added to it at all. I am so excited to experience the benefits of this new optimized whey protein!!!

  15. Pam Smith (verified owner)

    This tastes so good! The sweetness is perfect!

  16. Robin Engelage (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! I am excited to see how all these benefits work together to make me the best version of myself while I rebuild muscle strength!

  17. JESSICA MYERS (verified owner)

    This is the yummiest whey protein I’ve ever had. Tastes just like a naughty chocolate milk but SO good for you!!

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