Trim Healthy Future (e-Book: PDF version)

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e-Book PDF Version:

Inside these 408 pages, you will find more than 200 all-new, scrumptious, and time-saving recipes, designed to catapult you and your family’s future into easy and abundant health! Rashida has created over 170 homestyle and family-friendly recipes with lots of dairy-free options and easy-to-find ingredients.

We, Serene & Pearl, your Trim Healthy Founders are still in the book though. We’re excited to give you 12 of our latest recipes that have been rocking our world. They’re great for gathering the family around the table but many are also extremely effective for those who have stubborn weight to drop or are in difficult weight loss seasons.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this book and add it to your Trim Healthy Cookbook collection. Or if you are new to this lifestyle, a big hello and welcome! Starting with Trim Healthy Future will be great! There’s an easy breakdown of the plan and perfect recipes to get you rolling. If you want extra help getting started, our Trim Healthy Starter Book is the perfect thing.

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