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Welcome Trim Healthy Future into your kitchen! In this book we have joined forces with our niece, Rashida Simpson, part of the next Trim Healthy generation. This young mother of three amps up our trusted plan with fresh creativity and incredible yumminess!

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Inside these 408 pages, you will find more than 200 all-new, scrumptious, and time-saving recipes, designed to catapult you and your family’s future into easy and abundant health! Rashida has created over 170 homestyle and family-friendly recipes with lots of dairy-free options and easy-to-find ingredients.

We, Serene & Pearl, your Trim Healthy Founders are still in the book though. We’re excited to give you 12 of our latest recipes that have been rocking our world. They’re great for gathering the family around the table but many are also extremely effective for those who have stubborn weight to drop or are in difficult weight loss seasons.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this book and add it to your Trim Healthy Cookbook collection. Or if you are new to this lifestyle…a big “Hi” and welcome! Starting with Trim Healthy Future will be great! There’s an easy breakdown of the plan and perfect recipes to get you rolling. If you want extra help getting started, our Trim Healthy Starter Book is the perfect thing.

Customer Reviews

  1. April

    I got the luxury of picking this book up from the THM store in Nashville last summer while headed to our vacation destination. I love the previous 2 cookbooks so much that I couldn’t really imagine this one offering much more but got it anyways. Boy was I wrong! This is now used just as much if not more than the other ones I have! I also felt that it offers something the other 2 didn’t in the fact that there are more recipes for turtle losers like myself. I’m talking Deep S and Light S Heaven, and more! My favorite thing is that Rasheda and I apparently have the same tastes, I’d been making a simpler version of cabbage face for YEARS before the book came out and everyone thought I was nuts with the combo, but it literally is SOOO GOOD, and so good for you. I was shocked in the best way, to see it in the cookbook. It now gives me some backup when defending one of my go-to meals 😛

    ** Extra Note to Pearl: I cannot wait for the Wisdom book mentioned on the poddy to come out! As impatiently waiting as I am, please don’t rush yourself, as I don’t want you to miss adding anything.

  2. Jennifer Thoraldson (verified owner)

    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t whip up one of the smoothie recipes. They have been a lifesaver and I believe they helped me recover from an illness much quicker than I would have without. Thank you Serene for the Green Meanie Yuck Yum, that instantly eased my stomach bug. And just discovered Rescue Soup which is delicious and helping me slim down this spring. Thanks to Pearl for her Super Sliming Porridge and yummy E oatmeal. Rashida, love your R’s salad – making that a lot too! Oh and the Nutty Chai Cups are my fave dessert. I love the simplicity of the recipes and as a single lady, the make for one or two portion measurements. Thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Mandy (verified owner)

    Enjoy all the THM cookbooks….but this is by far my favorite! The Naan bread recipe alone is worth the entire book! I’ve been working my way through cooking all the recipes in this book and am about half way done. There are only 2 recipes that did not turn out to my liking so far. To make THM “doable” for me, I’ll multiply recipes X5 and freeze things like cookies/muffins etc. to make them easy to grab when hungry. Also has great recipes for multiplying and freezing to feed a large family!

  4. Judy Mecham

    Love the other cookbooks and don’t want to miss out on this one!

  5. Karen Bull

    I have followed trim healthy mama from the start. I have bought most of their books. I decided with this cookbook that I would take a week at a time and plan my dinner meals using recipes from this book. It has not failed me yet. I have incorporated breakfast meals now and I’m blown away every time I find a new favorite. Excellent cookbook. I love the way Rashida seasons her meals.

  6. Lianna Scott

    Worth buying for the Dairy Free recipes alone! This one has the most dairy free recipes of any THM cookbook.

  7. Lianna Scott

    I am LOVING this “Trim Healthy Future” cookbook!!! I have tried several of the recipes already and each one has been a Blockbuster hit with the family. The “Corn Chowder” is out of the world! And I am loving the Protein Bites for snacks … And I am eager to try more recipes.
    Definately worth buying!!! An asset to anyone’s kitchen and a helpful addition to anyone’s collection of cookbooks.

  8. John Patrick Woloszyn

    Great we LOVE your cook books.

  9. Susan Prothero

    …total of 120lbs lost since I retired from nursing in 2013 at the age of 72yrs .
    Have been maintaining for almost a year now. God bless THM and Serene & Pearl.

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